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A poor farmer and shopkeeper - Motivational Story

There was a farmer in the village who used to sell curd and butter. 
One day, the wife gave her butter and he went to city from village for selling it.
Butter was made like round butter cake and everyone weighed 1 kg.
In the town, the farmer sold butter to a shopkeeper as usual and after buying tea, sugar, oil, and soap etc. from the shopkeeper came back to his village.
 A poor farmer and shopkeeper - Motivational Story

After leaving the farmer-
The shopkeeper started to put butter in the fridge. He came to know why a butter cake should be weighed. The weight of the butter cake was only 900gm. 
With all the surprises and frustrations, he weighted all the butter cake, but all the weight of butter cake was about 900-900gm.
Next week, the farmer took the butter as usual and just as soon as the shopkeeper got on the threshold.
The shopkeeper shouted to the farmer, saying, "Be scared, do business with someone dishonest and deceitful ... but not me."
900gm does not have to look at the person who sells butter as a kilogram.
The farmer said to the shopkeeper with great "humility" "Do not be angry with my brother, we are poor and poor people.
Where is the capacity to buy the weight for the weighing of our goods? By placing one kilogram of sugar with you, keeping it in a corner of the balance, we bring the same weight of butter in the second.

Some thoughts and their meaning

जो हम दुसरो को देंगे,वहीं लौट कर आयेगा...
चाहे वो इज्जत, सम्मान हो,या फिर धोखा...!!

Rahim was a very big donor. His special thing was that when he went ahead to donate his hands, his eyes were tilted down. This thing seemed strange to everyone that how Rahim Rahim is a donor. They also give donations and they also get ashamed. When this matter reached Tulsidasji, he sent Rahim four rows in which he wrote.

ऐसी देनी देन जु
कित सीखे हो सेन।
ज्यों ज्यों कर ऊँचौ करौ
त्यों त्यों नीचे नैन।।

It meant that Rahim has taught you to donate such a thing? As your hands rise up, why are your eyes bowing down to your eyes? The answer that Rahim gave in return was so good that even the one who heard that Rahim was convinced. Nobody has given such a lovely answer to anyone till date.

रहीम ने जवाब में लिखा
देनहार कोई और है
भेजत जो दिन रैन।
लोग भरम हम पर करैं
तासौं नीचे नैन।।

Meaning, someone else is the one who is the owner, that is the divine, he is sending day and night. But people think that I am giving up Rahim is giving. By thinking of this I am ashamed and my eyes bow down.

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