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Where is the ultimate truth?

Once God called all the creatures but left Manav for a long time. Actually, he wanted to hide something from the person. God wanted that 'the ultimate truth' did not come in the person's reach.

For this, he should ask all the creatures to suggest that ultimate truth should be hidden, as far as a human cannot reach. Everyone started thinking. First of all, the eagle said, 'Lord, give it to me; she will be stuck on the moon.

God knew the capacity of man that is why he said immediately, 'No, no, reaching the moon is not difficult at all. One day the human beings will be able to reach the place. 'Then, in a fish dialect, in the depths of the ocean, they press and press. God again argued that the ocean is not far from human reach. On some days, he will also measure his depth.

Now once a rat suggested, 'I threw the truth in the womb of the earth.' This time also God had the same answer that the place would not be far away from the human reach. The problem was grim. All the creatures were responding to their own capacity, but God was not unaware of the capabilities of man. He knew that the human will touch every corner of the world on one or the other day and nothing will hide from it.

An elderly tortoise was listening to everyone. When all were unable to solve this problem, the tortoise said in a fine voice, "I think it should be hidden within the heart of a human being. He will never be able to see it, 'and God did this.

A dear reader, this story teaches us that - "The biggest truth of life, the secret of happiness and peace is hidden within us, but we keep wandering out in search of it. If we try to peek within ourselves, then everything will be found.

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