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Keep goodness in the heart | Precious quotes on friendship

Keep goodness in the heart

Two friends come out to roam the desert together one day and during the journey, they were heard on their private talk. Because of which a friend slapped another friend.

The friend with slap-mines suffered the pain of hurt but without saying anything he sat down and wrote on the sand today my best friend slapped me.

Keep goodness in the heart

During the walk, they saw a lake on the way, after which they decided to take bath in it.
While swimming, the friend who had slapped was drowning in the water, the other friend pulled him out of the water and saved him.

Then as soon as he started writing on a stone, my best friend saved my life today. Now the friend who slapped him and saved life asked him that when I slapped you, you wrote on the sand that today my best friend slapped. But when I saved your life, why did you write on the rock why did not you write on the sand?

Another friend replied that when someone is sad, then he should write it on the sand so that whenever the wind goes, it will disappear. But when someone does a good work, then he should write on the stone, so that his goodness cannot be erased by any air.

From the story of these friends we get to learn that always forget the evils and keep the good ones in the heart.

Precious quotes on friendship

  1. Be patient while working in friendship, but when you make friendship, then work it out completely.
  2. True friends are precious and rare as diamonds. The false friends meet everywhere like the leaves of the fall.
  3. The person who explains your blame alone, consider him as your friend.
  4. If no one is our true friend, then the earth will look like a deserted forest.
  5. A true friend never comes in your way unless you are going to the wrong path.
Precious quotes on friendship

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