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Daughter of Fortune | A sad story of Kerala

Can you imagine the fate of a daughter who has been accused that her father has an illegal relationship with her?

 Daughter of Fortune
My Father looked at my face for a month, and I went back to college for a month, but now my father will stay home before I fall asleep, and I'll be back in my father's house after I sleep.

It was my mother who was the most hurt of my father, and he was asking for his father once.

"why don't you talk to our daughter right now, you don't even try to look at her face???..."

He said he was in the face of his father's face, with eyes filled with eyes.

" how do I look at her face, and I'm a shame on my own daughter.... and I'm not a man who has been accused of being with her daughter....

When his father told me it was in my heart.

For three months, it happened, and when the teacher called me a good way to test it, I ran to the room of my father and his mother. It was a little bit of time to get tired of the town from town to get tired of it. I walked slowly to my father, and the crime was filled with his head, and he took a selfie after opening the front of the mobile phone that was in the hands of the mobile.

I put the picture in my whatsapp group with friends only members, and I'll take a caption with you..
"Celebrating my win with my dear dad"

I started listening to the days after the day, and the people in the college and in the bus srandy are looking at me in doubt, and some of them are going to talk to each other, and some of them in the middle of their eyes, with their eyes and their eyes.

I don't understand the first time, finally i have a picture message to my mobile, and a note....

"with his father, plus two-Year-old daughter's sexual abuse, our country??"

It was the same picture that I share in whatsapp, someone made it in the wrong way... and on Facebook and whatsapp groups, the stories that have been captured by the color of us, and many of them have been snatched away from us.

For the culture of Kerala is the disgrace of this father and the people of Facebook that they are not ready to seek the truth in the middle of the world.

We left the house and the family, and we left the house and the family in the new village.

Since the father came out of me, he started walking home like a thief after I made sure I wasn't sleeping.
When we sit around a table, we don't have food together...

In every night, my bed is a spy on my father, and i wish to be with him when he sows his father, but i wish that there was a dirty barrier between us and a father and a son, and I would never let a father and son speak to him.

If I can't stand any more suffering, I will live as my father's daughter as old as my father, and if I don't let it go....

I made a decision.
The next day, I woke up early to get out of the house, walked into my father's room...

My Father began to strike his face with a panic.

"I don't even have a daughter to put my head on my father's chest.... and why do we live here???..."

I walked out of my father and I walked out of my father, and I didn't know, my father was with me.

We walked straight to town hall, with friends of friends, we came in front of the media that I had to call for before.

" this is my father... my father gave me love and affection... but I didn't give you permission to keep the father in the chest, to put your head on the chest, and I won't give you permission to make it to me, as a result of the proof, that you have made us wrong. You've shared posts against us based on what prejudice....

Have you thought... tomorrow you will come to be in this state, and don't let your own father hug your mother, and don't even let them travel with them in a society that doesn't even agree with their own father and your mother.

If anyone has a phone and an internet, you'll be seated tomorrow in this country where anyone can do it.

I just want to tell you a request... but don't celebrate the news that I can't do without any preceding news, and there are many different relationships.... please...... "

On social media, we have to be in the stories of the people who have to be in the middle of the world, the inspiration from a real incident.

(This story has been taken from FB group of Sameer Ilan Chengampalli)

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