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A bucket milk | Life changing stories

A bucket milk - life changing stories

Once plague spread in a king's kingdom. People started to die around. The king made a lot of measures to stop it, but there was no effect and people would die. The sad king started praying to God. Only then did Akashwani suddenly.

From the sky came the voice that the king is the old drought in the middle of your capital, if one bucket milk from every house of the state is put in that well on the night of the new moon (Amavasya), the epidemic will end in the morning and this problem will be finished.

A bucket milk - life changing stories
The king immediately announced in the entire state that to save from the plague, it is compulsory to put one bucket of milk in the well from every house on the night of new moon (Amavasya).

On the night of the new moon, when people had to pour milk in the well, a cunning and stupid old woman living in the state at night thought that all the people would pour milk in the well, and if I put a bucket of water in it, then what would anyone know?

With that thought, that miserly old woman quietly put a bucket of water in the well in the night. The next day when it happened in the morning, people were dying the same way. Nothing had changed because the plague was not finished. When the king went to the well and wanted to know the reason, he saw that the entire well is full of water.

There was not even a drop of milk. The king understood that for this reason the plague did not go away and people are still dying.

Actually, this happened because the idea that the old lady had come in the mind of the whole state came into the mind of the people and no one even gave milk in the well.

Friends, as happened in this story, it happens in our lives as well. Whenever there is a work that many people have to do together, then we often withdraw from our responses thinking that no one else will do it and due to our own thinking, the situations have become like that. Remains

If we start to take responsibility for our part without regard to others, then the whole country can bring such change that we need today.

Some Quotes:

  1. Helping someone is the true worship of God.
  2. If you have the courage and you stand for the truth, God will help you with your thousands of hands.
  3. Do the work that you can do, never do something that you need to get help from others.
  4. A moment of patience in the moment of anger helps us to stay away from thousands of moments of grief.
  5. Everyone has the right to criticize a person who is always willing to help.

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