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A little story - Emotional Story

Renu got married before 5 years, her husband had a little less talk, but she had a big and culturally beautiful mother, father-in-law, father-in-law, and a little sister-in-law, and a little angel, full family, day happily was passing.

Today Renu was sitting on the days of the past, how can his father demand Rs 30 lakh rupees in the name of his son-in-law, so that his daughter should be happy, how his mother and father married him with great fanfare, Renu married in a very pleasurable way. happened.

Well, it was not the case, it was as if Renu's elder brother had removed his mother and father from the house. They did not have money to save money, as much as they were given to Renu's wedding, then why do babies keep their parents? Renu's parents stayed in a temple.

Renu had come to meet him today, and he started having a lot of sadness. After all, how sad it was for her parents and parents, her father had made her own money.
Today, the same parents were hungry to eat in some corner of the temple.
Renu wanted to talk to her husband They brought their parents home. But she was not able to be courageous, because her husband used to speak less, mostly kept silent. Jengese was on the night of Tense and Renu's husband and the whole family were sitting at the table to eat.

Renu's eyes were open, she said to her husband, frightened,
Listen, brother, sister-in-law has removed her father from home. He is lying in the temple if you say you can bring him home.

Renu's husband did not say anything, and finished cooking and went to his room, everyone was eating food till now, but a bowl from the mouth of Renu had not even landed, that was what he was worried about now. ? He also did not say anything, Renu was serving food to all the dwellers.

After a while, Renu's husband came out of the room and gave a notebook bundle in Renu's hand saying, "Buy this house for Mother, Daddy, and tell him, I do not frick anything. I am.

Renu said bitterly, did you come by saying so much money ??
Renu's husband said this is the money given to your father.

It was not mine, so I did not touch it.

Anyway, he had given this money forcibly, maybe he knew it would come one day.

Renu's mother-in-law started seeing her son with a proud look, and her son also told her, Amma Ji Babuji is all right, right?

His Amma Babuji said, "It is a noble thought, son, we know you from childhood, you know, if the daughter-in-law has brought her parents home, then her parents will not be able to raise their heads, they should stay in the daughter's house, And will not survive.

Therefore, you have decided to get a separate house, and if you are talking about this dowry money, then we have never needed it. Because you have never let us lack anything, say, happy baby, everything except Renu and her husband has gone to gold.

Renu's husband said again, if you need money, tell me, and tell your parents not to tell the house where to buy the money, to excuse anything else, or else they will keep kicking in their hearts.

Let's go, now I'm going to sleep, I have to go to the morning office, Renu's husband went to the room.

And Renu started bashing herself, she did not mind, what did she think, my husband has taken dowry money, will he not help, will have to do it, else I will not even serve his mother.

Renu got up and went to her husband, apologizing, she told all about her husband.

Her husband said, "There is no matter what happens to me in my place.
There was no place for Renu's happiness, on the one hand, the problem of his mother-father, on the other hand, her husband forgave,
Renu said to her husband happy and ashamed
I hug you Her husband said, 'I do not dirty my clothes and both of you laugh'
And maybe Renu got to understand more of her less spoken husband.
Every man is not bad,
To pay attention,
There are some good

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