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Never Give Up - Stories & Quotes

Never Give Up

Success is achieved in life, who has faced the struggles. Lord Krishna also said in the Gita -

"Life is a struggle and every person has to face it."

Running away from troubles is like giving an invitation to other troubles. Life has to face challenges and troubles from time to time, it is the truth and this is the name of life.

No one will find a person who does not taste the failure before getting success. If a person is failing in any work, he should understand that God is taking his examination and that trouble should be faced with it.

Never Give Up

1. Once a boy saw a shell of a butterfly near the tree. He saw that a butterfly was struggling to get out from the shell again and again. The boy got pity on the butterfly and tried to help the butterfly. That boy broke the shell and drove the butterfly out. But suddenly butterfly died.

The boy was not understanding how the butterfly died and he told his mother the whole thing. Mother said to him - "Struggle is the law of nature and to get out from the shell, the struggle of the butterfly has been finished by you, resulting its wings and body of the butterfly are not become strengthened. You did not give a chance to butterfly to struggle. This is the reason why the butterfly died.

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