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Negative Thinking

Why negative thinking is wrong?

When a person settles thoughts in his brain and balances them with the sentiments, the power of inspiration takes birth which directs and controls each work, activity and impulse.

Thoughts which mixed with the sentiments produce magnetic power. Then this power attracts such kinds of other thought towards it.

Thoughts which mixed with the sentiments produce magnetic power.
Give magnetic force to such kinds of thoughts with sentiments than compare with the seed which gets sprouted and then it keep on growing with many branches and seeds if it is buried in fertile land until that single seed changes into innumerable seeds. In the same way, if you bring negative thoughts in your brain, they will surround your brain by becoming double. Why don’t you adopt positive thinking?

Neglecting negative minded person is your right:

People who were negative minded tried to understand Thomas Addison that he cannot make a machine of voice recording because they thought that none has made such kind of machine. Addison did not pay attention on such kinds of things. He knew that brain is such a thing which has the capacity to make impossible to possible. The brain can discover and manufacture. Knowledge and good wisdom lifted Addison from the level of common people.

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