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Thinking positive - Positive thoughts quotes

Feeling good is not hard:

If you are feeling troublesome in your life, it can be the result of deeds done recently or it can be the result of your way of thinking.  We can call it your science of diction.

Adopt positive thoughts so that you may get excessive love
If you don’t like your way of feeling, you should change your way of thinking or change your working style.

You will be astonished by knowing that most of people made such circumstances which keep on getting feel them negativity whereas some people make their life happy by having positive thinking.

Why don’t you adopt easy rules of loving, giving love, positive thinking and pleasurable life for feeling good.

Adopt positive thoughts so that you may get excessive love, happiness and joy.

Give reward to yourself:

Can you teach monkey how to dance? The strange thing is that you can teach them how to dance surely because animals and human beings have changeable practicality. They know how to acclimate according to new circumstances.  

The trainer observes the monkey minutely. When the money marches towards meal, the trainer changes the direction of the meal with the help of monkey and he prompted monkey by excessive meal. 

In this way, the monkey makes the habit to reverse in another direction and the wiggles of reversing appear like dance.

Make a list of pleasurable rewards. When you did something good, you should make those rewards of which you can present by your heart.

Stick it on the table of reading:

Think about your sentimental or practical habits of which you connect with your pains.

Connect your new modes with happiness or pleasurable circumstances. 

Does your new pattern or mode resemble your aim or belief or it is helpful in achieving them.

Keep safe to the benefits of old pattern. If you used to smoke to reduce the tension in past, you should use healthy means for it.

Imagine that you are behaving according to changed habits and your old habits are changing.  

Give up negativity:

We use different kinds of adjectives in defining several circumstances as life is a gambling or life is a struggle etc. Such kinds of adjectives affect many fields of the life. If life is like a battle, passing life is very hard. It means that the meaning of battle in the life is either defeating or dying.

Can life can be passed with natural balance. The word negativity is hardly found in the dictionary of successful people. Words make sentiments more powerful. When you express your sentiments in words, they give a meaning to your sentiments. Don’t include negative words in your dictionary if you want to run on the path of progress.

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