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Have control over fear

Have control over fear

Fear is nothing except a mental state. Controlling and directing to the mental state is in the hands of people.

Fear is nothing except a mental state.
A person can do nothing until he does not produce any thought in his conscience. A process of change starts in the thoughts of conscience whether they are desired or undesired. Thoughts of conscience which strike in the mind by chance can be helpful in a person’s prosperity, respect, business and social status as own thoughts of a person do.  

We want to tell you one important thing why some people appear lucky whereas other people with equal ability and capability are called unlucky. This truth can be called in this way that each person has the ability to use his brain in a better way and desired direction can be given to the brain by this control.

Nature allows to human being to have control over the thoughts. One truth is related to it that whatever a person makes anything it originates in his mind before the creation of anything. During this period it can be happen that the fear may take to him in its grip. It is also true that all the thoughts have a tendency of physical equality and it is also equally true that the fear and poverty sitting in the mind cannot be changed into courage and financial benefit.

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