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Scientific base of prayer

Scientific base of prayer

If you are an observer, you will have pay attention on one thing definitely that most of people are inclined towards prayer. When people are desperate from each side or they meditate through meaningless words, they turn or incline towards prayer with suspicion, doubt and fear.  

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If you pray for getting something but you don’t have belief in your mind what will happen if prayer is not accepted or you don’t get desired object. It means that there is a lack of determination in your prayer.

If you have an experience of your past life in which you got desired object by praying, you should reach there or remember those memories. In this situation, you will find that you are becoming prepared for praying in positive mental condition.  

If you know the principle of the working style of radio, you will be aware with this fact definitely sound cannot be broadcast until a change comes in the rate of rays. Such rays are heard by the ear of people. Radio station stores bytes of human beings and then broadcast them in the form of rays. In this way, energy of sound can be broadcast through sky. Thereafter, the process of change occurs, the energy which were in the form of rays are identified in the form of sound. 

In this way, the unconscious mind of a person plays the role of a mediator or relay center which sends information and adopts again in the form of special plan by identifying to the prayer in the form of unlimited understanding. Understand this principle and by doing so you will become aware by this fact that the wires between the brain and unlimited understanding by chanting some mantras after sitting on worship place.  

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