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Positive thoughts - Good thoughts quotes

Secret of success:

Is excellence is the secret of success? True excellence is in pouring the whole strength into the condition of definiteness.
A person who never saw the computer promised the world to give software. It was the sensibility of his definiteness because of which he made his sources active and made his future.
Consecrate yourself completely for getting success.

Impossible is made possible by imagination?

Positive Thinking in English
Often, our brain is not able in differentiating between true experiences and imaginations. As a scientist said that imagination power is more powerful than the knowledge
There are many people who fear from new experiences whereas other people try to adopt new experiences because they have taken the support of vivid imagination for getting desired consequences.
Develop such aim which may incite you. Take new experiences. Imagine your success. 

Confrontation with obstacles:
Knowing it is very necessary how we should face adverse circumstances? Successful people consider obstacles temporary whereas unsuccessful people consider them permanent. Dr martin called it enlightened hopeless condition which is the result of following mentioned thinking. 

  • Problem is permanent not temporary.
  • Problems are all around.
  • Problem is personal.
Belief is the key to success:
Hopes increase working capacity which is called Pygmalion effect. A researcher said to the teachers that some children are very talented in their class. There is need to sharpen the talent of such students continuously. Teachers did so and the student who had been selected as intelligent or talented show good result. Describing one thing is necessary here that no such study has been done which describes that those children are talented and those are weak. This study shows how important the belief is? 

Changed activity:
How the changes are? It happens when we change our ways of working and connect ourselves to the nervous system. Then, a kind of change comes in the experience too. You continue drinking till you get pleasure by it. It happens because you connect wine to your frustration, accident even then death. Sensation of pain and happiness is related to our nervous system. The connection with the nervous system determines our behavior. 

Only single moment is sufficient:
The faster the problem appears, the faster the solution of it can be found. If you take long time in changing your habit, the reason behind it is that you have taken too much time in thinking that you must change. Be sure that you can change yourself even now.   
People connect change to their previous failures and think that they will have to undergo through long process in the process of changing habits. 
Such kinds of mental obstructions take long time in bringing change. Throw those problems out even now and feel that new change or new deeds will give birth to new results. Though, you will try to neglect it but it is the truth.  
Have you ever seen a fly entangling in a window? The fly keeps on smashing to the window in the efforts to come out from the window.  The same situation is with human being too. It may be that they are inspired or motivated but they don’t get success if they will try in wrong direction viz in the direction where failures are definite.

Proficiency in changing:
Quit your practical habits. Break such limitations with entertainment.
We keep on trying to acclimate our body and brain until any habit appears. We use only one path to come out regularly and then we use second path and go on it.
Our sentiments and habits related to behavior are same as we imagine. Negative reaction, anger, depression, etc are included in our habits. Try to be happy and train for acknowledgement. 

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