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Positive thinking - Part 2

How to concentrate

(Processing of concentration)

Let’s make a list of such formulae in which you can change your mood without using cigarette and wine and you can increase the positive state of your brain. 

Note down those ways which can change your negativity into positive attitude.

Processing of concentration
Include those new ideas and way in it which have not been used by you till now. You will feel better definitely by it. Don’t stop until your write down 15 to 30 new ideas. Though, hundreds of healthy ideas can be written on this subject. Try to note down these ideas.

There are many ways to feel happiness, gaiety and good and you can choose only one among them. 

Listen your favorite song; play any sweet sound on any instrument which lighten your ear, watch any comedy film of serial, take meal with friend, decorate your home with flowers, note down your experiences in the register and take a nap during day. 

Impossible only the magic of thinking:

Before several years, running one mile in four minutes was an impossible work but the racer Roger Banister broke this illusion. He completed this distance within 3.59 minutes. He depicted the mental portrayal of the victory because of which the nervous system of the body assumed in this way that he was sure for his victory. The success of banister opens the paths of victory for other racers. Thereafter, in a year, there were many racers who did this impossible work.    

You need to break the circles of the obstructions and to make every impossible work possible. By doing so, your life and life of the people who live near you will change. 

Plain process of the brain:

When we face any incident ever, our brain stores the pain or happiness of that incident inside it. This classification is based on this belief whether you feel the incident painful or pleasurable. It is quite right that our normal condition gets work from us but it has its own limitations. Some people keep them in the category of unqualified people because they face failures many times in the life. In this way, keeping yourself in any category can become the habit which opens the path to make the possible into impossible.

Do you compare your limited evaluation with the other people? Is there any exception?

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