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Positive thinking

Positive thinking

How does out brain work:

Sometimes, it happens that we forget anything as watch, book, pen, etc what we kept anywhere in the home before some time and we are not able in remembering the place where the thing was kept. Why do not we remember the place where the thing was kept whereas none but we kept the thing.

There is a part in our brain which stores the information and plans remembered by us and which are necessary for our existence. If we have not described out plans clearly, it means that we have not made our brain firm for the fulfillment of our dreams and desires.

When we are giving training to our brain, we are governing to our reticular activating system at that time. At this time, the part of our brain where all information has been stored becomes like a magnet which keeps on attracting information and chances towards it.  

Keep your goals before you:

Imagine if you have completed all those work within a year about which you thought. How are you feeling now by thinking so and how are you feeling the life? This question will help you in the fulfillment of your plans. You need why and you will get how yourself.

You should keep four things in your brain among all those plans which are done first in a year by you. Thereafter, on the base of your restriction, write a paragraph on the topic what steps should be taken by you for completing all the plans.

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