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Asking right questions |Suvichar in english

Change your bad habits by asking right questions

suvichar in english
Perhaps, you tried to lose your body weight many times but every time you get failure. Have you ask to yourself ever how you will fill your stomach? What is your favorite fried dish? Beside it, have you asked yourself what meal will give you energy and what soup will provide me energy. If you are greedy for meal and know how much weight you will get by this meal, whether you will become successful in achieving your aims.

Change in the questions will bring change in your bad habits and there will be an improvement in your life. 

What do you want whether someone think on this subject or not. For example, think how you can live healthy in place of thinking about giving up smoking. You will get help in concentrating the mind on main point and achieving goal will be easy for you. What do you want and what is obstacle in it? Identify them. 
Right question:

Connect change with happiness and grief should not be connected with any change.

1. What effect will be over you if you do not bring change in it?

2. How much is the change important for you? Will you lose anything?

3. Evaluate your sentimental, physical, financial and spiritual side properly. 

4. Will it affect your work and character?

Ask question to yourself:

1. How will you feel about yourself when you bring change in it? 

2. How will the person who loves you most feel by bringing change in it?

3. How much happy will be you by bringing change in it?

Getting success by taking inspiration from any person or by making any person as ideal of your life or running on his footprints is new question for you. Such experience of which you want to apperceived.  

How does right system of question work: 

Remain quite aware of the thing completely which you are searching for. Try to adopt below mentioned experiences as examples. Do it in an unfamiliar field. Think for one minute on your locality and then question to yourself. 

“Where do I find yellow color”? Note down all information about that color in your note book. Thereafter, close your eyes. Imagine that you have been painted with green color. The possibility is that you will remember everything related to brown color but you will not remember anything related to green color. Now open your eyes, you will feel green all around.  

Stick it to the glass of bathroom: 

1. Why are you happy at this time?

2. Why are you feeling yourself happy at this time? What is the thing which provides me happiness and pleasure?  

3. What did you gave today? What is your support in it?

4. What have you learnt today? What new have you done?

5. How augmentation has come in the goodness of your life? How will the investment provide me benefit in near future?

Make the questions effective:

Ask question to yourself to produce obstructions in the moment of negativity “what the important thing in”. Keep remember that you can establish any relation or meaning with your experience. Second question is- how the centered meditation based on “how” in place of “why” can be used for the solution?   

Include these questions in the morning questions. Only we are responsible for connecting the relation and meaning with the main incidents of life. It depends on us whether we want to face negative circumstances negatively or positively. It depends on you whether you will want to give pain or pleasure to the world in exchange if you have got pain in the world or you will want to be sensitive towards other people if the world behaved well with you.    

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