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Tow Secrets for your life

Tow Secrets for your life

 Following mentioned two secrets can be very beneficial for you:
1. Bring a change in the center point of your concentration
2. Beautiful moments of the life should be depicted mentally.

Sentiment: (Physiology)

Try to feel the limitations of your sentiments. You can double your joy and happiness
Many times, several benefits can be got by bringing changes in the physical condition. When a person is in anger, tension or in the condition of depression, often he turns towards negative activities as smoking and drinking. Negative state can be removed by the help of meditation, exercise, music, etc. Shrinking shoulders, nodding head, and etc show mean sentiments. When we are filled with complete energy, happy posture and self confidence, our chest becomes puffy because of proud; shoulders become high and breathing style becomes better.  
You can change your sentimental side by bringing changes in physical conditions because our each sentiment is related to our physical activities.  


The world starts to smile if you smile.
Stand before a mirror and smile one minute for five times in a day till one week regularly. You will feel a little strange while doing so but when your smile will become real and shiny not artificial; you will feel good in your mind.
Many times it happens that you call your friend to meet but he does not reach on time.
Your sentiments are the part of your physical activities:
Try to feel the limitations of your sentiments. You can double your joy and happiness by doing some efforts and by bringing a little change in the center of origin. Choose either natural sentiments or positive sentiments and take pleasure of different kinds of postures, activities and expressions.
When you are in any distress, remember it:
Remember those moments of your life when you were very angry from any person, you are feeling envy or you were in obstacles. Perhaps, you may laugh by remembering those moments and you will think that you were disturbed in vain whereas there was no need to be worried at that time. Now, laugh on those moments loudly. By doing so, you will become able in keeping all the present problems in your fist. 
Centered medicine-sentiment (action-reaction):
Many times it happens that you call your friend to meet but he does not reach on time. How will you have feel at that time? Perhaps, the restlessness of your heart will get increased by thinking that your friend is not worried for you or you will have think that it is your friend’s habit. Will your restlessness get increased so much that bad ideas strike in your mind. You can think about the accident with your friend. You can think that your friend will stay in the middle of the path. 
1.     Our meditation determines our sentiments
2.     Our sentiments and thinking control our activities.   
Make yourself strong by asking right questions.
Where the concentration should be centered?
If you will center your concentration on negativity all the time, none can check the accident with you. Example- your car slip in trying to control it when you are driving with high speed and you observe towards the wall for saving your life but you face car accident by keeping negative thinking in your mind.  
You need not to terrify, take your life far from the wall by determining the direction to the height of the sky. Concentrate your mind on what object you want to achieve and nowhere. You will start your work naturally by doing so. Concentrate your mind what you desire and for which you are capable. 

Decision of a good decision:

One day, a boy of a class was beaten by a senior student. The boy decided to take revenge in anger. He brought pistol of his father from his house and he pointed the gun on the chest of the senior student. One question struck in his mind before shooting him. He thought, “I will have to go into prison if I kill him or shoot him”. The dangerous sight of the prison came before his eyes and he fired the gun on the wall in place of boy.
The name of the shooter was Bo Jackson who got lots of popularity in the field of games in his life. A little understanding changed the pain into happiness. One boy who had no future at that time changed into such boy who got lots of fame in the world of game. So, question yourself and try to bring change in yourself. 

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