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anxiety and pleasure

What the anxiety and pleasure are?

Any kind of grief should be accepted as a friend.
Any kind of grief should be accepted as a friend. If you think that you have no relation if any person does this or that. You can get only sorrows in your life by having such kind of thinking. If you live with relations, you will face a little problem but if you come out from it, you will feel yourself alone and more distressed.

Remember all your past sorrows of life. Make you feel the seriousness of the problem for doing anything about it. You are on the doorstep of emotionalism when are not able in doing anything in this case. After touching the peak of emotionalism, you find yourself quite capable in facing all kinds of problems.   

Change the meaning of sorrows and pain. Many times, you try to pay attention on the diet but it is not sufficient. Meal can be left because the brain cannot bear it for long time. 

Remember all your past sorrows of life.
Test your pain in place of fighting with hunger. Remember all those consequences which appear after taking heavy meal. When you become aware that exercising is beneficial and taking much meal is harmful, you will become able in differentiating between right or wrong.  

Please pay attention:

Most of people have the habit of postponing their work. They keep on trying to delaying their work. The reality is that, such habit increases our problems only. If you delay in doing any work, you produce problems and nothing else for you.  

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