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Way of living happy

Way of living happy

Make a list of such four works on which you are to work today but you are postponing them for tomorrow. Then answer following mentioned questions.

1. Why did not I complete this work? What kinds of problems did I face in doing so last time?
2. Have I got pleasure ever by keeping such kinds of negative thinking?
3. What kinds of problems will be faced by me in future if I do not change my negative?
4. How much benefit shall I get if I start my work since the present time?

We keep a ray of hope in our mind that we shall be rich and prosperous one day; we shall possess car and other facilities in future; we shall have good relation with someone in future; we shall be healthy and stout one day; we shall get fame in the society in future, how much pleasure shall we get on that time.

Such kinds of beneficial conditions are the guests for a little time which cannot provide satisfaction all the time. It is your mental condition which keeps your mind happy. Why should we not develop a habit of becoming happy?

How can you keep yourself happy? Are you in such kind of condition at this time that you may feel every kind of happiness, joy and happiness?

Remember the incident and those moments when you felt excessive joy and happiness. Set up the map of that incident and those moments in the mind and bring those gestures on your face again. Try to keep your breathing style as it was at that time. Test the palpitation of the veins and govern your physical activities according to previous time. Now, observe are you feeling that kind of zest and happiness now as you felt at that time. You can feel those moments of happiness whenever you want.

Concentrate your mind, you will feel happiness soon. Any experience can be felt by many ways. Excitement, thrill and fickleness are present in our body all the time and how do we bring it out depends on our thinking.   

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