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Some Positive Thought

Some Positive Thought

Develop innumerable universes in the world of your imaginations:
Have complete faith on yourself. If you believe on yourself that you are honest, you are honest definitely.
Have complete faith on yourself. If you believe on yourself that you are honest, you are honest definitely. How did you get this carelessness?
Consider your ideas the upper portion of the table. The table is laid on four legs. You have these legs of carelessness through your experience. You will be called intelligent and intellectual when you did well in your school but we are not reliant on the reference of last experiences. We can make references on the base of our imagination power as Shri Chandera Shekhar Tiwari used his imagination power for facing against the diseases. Roger banister used imaginative reference that he can run one mile distance before the time of one minute.  

Belief, thoughts principle:

The success of any aim depends on our belief whether we are apt for that success or not. Your belief and concentration depend on your last experiences which can be in negative or sentimental form. In most cases, we have both kinds of ideas inside us.   
Any idea can take the form of belief if we don’t make references and experiences helpful in it.

Pay attention on the following sentences.

  1. Generally, people are honest and good.
  2. People are dishonest for themselves.
It may be that you have sufficient experience of believing that people are bad by heart. If you pay attention on other experiences, you will find out that people are good and honest by nature.   You have many reasons to believe it. 

Understand your belief:

Belief makes us capable in taking decision how can sorrows be procrastinated. Sometimes, we search mitigation in the form of belief at the moment of sadness or fear. Do you know that if someone undergoes through mental disturbance and problems, he don’t believe on love.  Many people make their nature obstinate and they remain unhappy, depressed and lonely all the time in place of giving up this negative mentality. They like to choose the way of death. Does your firm determination make you powerful or feeble? 

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