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The Role of Guidance in Youth Development

Our ascetics and preceptors have called Bharat “ocean of knowledge” and its inhabitants “learned”. Bharat is made from bha+rat. Bha means knowledge and rat means sinking. Here it becomes clear that a person who keeps on sinking into the ocean of knowledge is called Bhartiya. But the picture is quite different now. Its meaning has been reversed completely which had been told by the sages and preceptors. There are several kinds of shortcomings in every direction of society. Young generation of our country has been affected very much because of western and other countries’ dazzlement and they have forgotten their culture and doctrines of life completely. In our culture and doctrines of life we used to work by considering whole world as a family.

The Role of Guidance in Youth Development

Is it okay to do anything to make money?

Earn money by any means whether by laboring or looting. Collect money as much as you can. Such kinds of doctrines have been adopted by people in this present era. Today, sacraments, religion and knowledge have no importance. In present, people want to live luxurious life and they do any work only for themselves not for others. They have ill feelings for others. It appears that a feeling to do something for others has been destroyed completely in them. There is no exertion in the life of people. We have no words to explain about the changes what have come in our sacraments, culture and civilization. 

Why have such kinds of changes come in our sacraments, culture and civilizations? We all are equally responsible for it because children make what we make them. Children make as they get education. As we cannot think about fragrant garden by planting the plants of Acacia Arabica as we cannot imagine about good sacraments and culture from our generation. Giving good education to children is very necessary for developing good sacraments in them. We should convince them what is good and what is bad. We should tell them about the values of life and their duty and responsibility for the society. Such kinds of changes should be brought in their life too by the parents while giving good education to children.

How to develop good manners in children?

You cannot develop good sacrament in children until you bring change in your life or you do good deeds. In our culture, the credit of a society rich in sacraments goes to knowledge and education. Education is as important today as it were before but there is a big different between modern education and ancient education. In our country, children used to go in gurukul to get education. Rules of gurukul were same for all children. Children whether they belong to rich family or poor family used to acquire education by sitting on the ground. 

Good sacraments were given to them for life values equally. They got sacrifice, penance, good conduct, soft nature and life without deception and fraud on there. Good behavior and conduct were learnt to children in gurukul. Such kind of education and knowledge were used to give to children as they had to face in their life. They used to return their home after getting full knowledge about sacraments and good conduct and spread the fragrance of their knowledge in every direction.   

If someone is asked something about unsocial work and society empty from sacraments, an argument is given that there is a big gap between the both generations but it is not true because generation gap is not the cause of unsocial work and bad sacraments. If we peep in the society before 5 thousands of years, we become aware that generation gap was equal as it is present now but the people at that time were full of sacrament. Why it is so today? Why are people forgetting their sacraments in the present time? 

Who is responsible for the evils spread in the society?

Young generation is not as responsible for the bad customs spread in the society as their parents are. Often, we get busy in our daily routine works completely after sending our children in school and forget everything about children. We know nothing what our children study or where they go in the period of school or after school or who are friends of our children. We don’t know on what topic our children talk whey they meet their friend. We pay no attention what our children are doing. We allow them to do what they want. Some parents give full freedom to their children to do what they want whereas some parents are very strict towards their children. Both these kinds of situations are good neither for children nor for good society. 

We never try to know the ideas of our children by sitting near them which should be done by us because we are the parents and doing so is our responsibility. We want goodness and development in our children whereas we do nothing for it. We don’t try to make them good. We hope good sacraments from our children but never think who will plant such kinds of symptoms in children or who will guide them. Giving good sacraments to our children is our duty. We should tell them what is wrong and what is good.  

It is a frustration that we cannot teach them in spite of giving them higher education why should elder people be respected? The reality is that we also know nothing about the definition of good sacraments and good character. In this case, how can we develop good sacraments in our children? We don’t know what is the base of Indian culture? We will have to make gurukul in each family. By doing so, all the problems will get solved themselves.  

We will have to salute our elders with reverence if we want to teach our children about salutation. It has been said too that children learn what we do not what we say to them to do. Children learn less what we say them to do and they learn more by seeing what we do. Early to bed early to rise and taking meals with other family members-such kinds of things appear tiny in observance but such tiny things affect the life of a child very much.  

Children can be improved by us but what can be done with youngsters. Here this question arises before us. We will have to persuade youngsters and ourselves to adopt yoga daily. After sometime we and youngsters start to feel that energy can be controlled by us and we use it in the direction wherever we want to use. Attitude of youngsters and our will start to become positive. Youngsters will become sharp minded and able to do any job. They start to give up their shortcomings and adopt good qualities. Their obstinacy, proud and wrath start to reduce. Now, they think properly before doing any work.

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