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Quote in english-4

Quotes of osho in english:
1.      The day you believe you know, your decease has happened  as now there will be no wonder and no enjoyment and no shock. Now you will live a deceased life. -(Osho)
2.      Explanation is the understanding that this is every one, that this is wonderful, that this is it. -(Osho)
3.      Enlightenment is not an accomplishment, it is an understanding that there is not anything to achieve, nowhere to go away. -(Osho)
4.      Jain is the only religion in this world that teaches sudden explanation. It speaks that explanation takes no time, it can occur in a single, split second. -(Osho)
5.      Indicating is man-created. And since you constantly look for indicating, you begins to feel meaninglessness. -(Osho)
6.      When I speak that you are gods and goddesses I indicate that your possibility is endless, your potentiality is endless. -(Osho)
7.      You become that which you consider you are. -(Osho)

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To succeeed you have to believe in
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