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Ankita Singh (Kavitri) - Biography, Unknown Facts and Poetry

Ankita Singh (Kavitri)

Friends, today I am going to inform you about Ankita Singh poet who is very popular on social media nowadays. Ankita Singh is very popular among today’s new poets. Her poetry is such that from children to the elderly, they like it a lot. Her full name is Ankita Singh Rathore. She was born in Gaya, Bihar, India. She passed the NET exam in 2008 and thereafter started working as a lecturer in the Computer Science Department of the University of Bangalore. Her husband's name is Dhirendra Lodha and they were married on 17 June 2001.

Ankita Singh (Kavitri) - Biography, Unknown Facts and Poetry

A poet conference of Aaj Tak was held in 2019. Where she said a poem on Pulwama Attack which people liked very much. Apart from this, Ankita Singh is also a very good baker, painter, and dancer. You can guess from the popularity of Ankita Singh that many of her shows have been done in countries like Dubai, America, and Malaysia. She is very much interested in meditation and spirituality. She has a great affection for animals.

If you are interested in Kavi Sammelan and want to get information about Ankita Singh, then you have chosen the right place. Here you will get all the information about Ankita Singh like - Age, Educational Qualification, Salary, and Other Information.

Mujhase Poochho Na Dard Ki Had Ab

Jahar Se Aabnon Ko Bhar Dala

Pahale Sasural Men Hi Jalti Thi

Ab To Satta Ne Raakh Kar Dala!


General Information

General Information

Full NameAnkita Singh Rathore
Date of Birth25 December
AgeNot known
Born DayGaya, Bihar, India
Wedding Date17 June 2001
SpouseDhirendra lodha
ReligionHindu Religion
Zodiac SignAmount
Hair colorBlack
Height (Approx.)In centimeters - 165 cm in meters - feet and 1.65 meters in inches - 5 '5 "
Marital StatusMarried
BrotherShiva Singh Rathore

Educational Qualification

Here we are going to tell you about Ankita Singh's educational qualification. Most people want the educational qualification of their favorite person. Some fans like to follow their admired personalities to know about their activities, education, etc. The table below is about educational qualifications. We always depend on a reliable source, but it is difficult to find. In that case, we keep it empty.

Name of SchoolCreane Memorial High School, Gaya, Bihar
CollageModi Institute of Technology and Science (MITS), Sikar, Rajasthan
Educational Qualification / Educational LevelDo not know

Marital Status of Ankita Singh

Nowadays there are many people who are interested to know about the marital status of their favorite person. We are going to tell you about Ankita Singh's marital status here. If you want to know about her personal life, then this topic is for you.

Marital StatusMarried
RelationNot Known
HobbyTraveling, reading books, and writing poems
Favorite thing/personCivil Servant (IAS)
HusbandDhirendra Lodha

Ankita Singh Famous Poems


Main Tum Ko Yaad Karatee Hoon

Akele Baithakar Tumako Kabhee Jab Yaad Karatee Hoon,

Main Tum Ko Yaad Karatee Hoon....

Main Rona-Muskuraana Haay Donon Saath Karatee Hoon.


Yaheen Sophe Pe Baithe, Saat Ambar Ghoom Aatee Hoon,

Tumhaara Naam Chakhatee Hoon Nashe Mein Jhoom Jaatee Hoon.

Kahaan Hoon Main..? Jahaan Meree Khabar Mujh Tak Nahin Aatee,

Kya Meree Gumashudee Kee Ye Khabar Tum Tak Nahin Jaatee.

Galee Dil Kee Tumhaaree Yaad Se Aabaad Karatee Hoon,

Akele Baithakar Tumako Kabhee Jab Yaad Karatee Hoon.


Tera Jaana Meree Aankhon Mein Pyaase Khvaab Bota Hai

Tera Takiya Lipat Kar Mujhase Saaree Raat Sota Hai.

Teree Khushaboo Meree Saanso Kee Galiyon Mein Tahalatee Hai,

Badee Kamabakht Hai Ye Aag, Aankhon Mein Pighalatee Hai.

Main Saaree Raat, Sona-Jaagana Ek Saath Karatee Hoon

Akele Baithakar Tumako Kabhee Jab Yaad Karatee Hoon.


Teree Baaton Ke Phoolon Se Gajal Makhadoom Karatee Hoon

Main Chupake Se Teree DP  Ko Jab Bhee Joom Karatee Hoon.

Tere Phuke Hue Sigaret Mein Aksar Aankh Hotee Hoon

Teree Lat Mein Kabhee Dhoona, Kabhee Main Khaak Hotee Hoon

Main Apane Jakhm Pe Ashkon Kee Khud Barasaat Karatee Hoon.

Main Rona Muskuraana Haay Donon Saath Karatee Hoon,

Akele Baithakar Tumako Kabhee Jab Yaad Karatee Hoon.


मैं तुम को याद करती हूं


यहीं सोफे पे बैठे, सात अंबर घूम आती हूं


तेरा जाना मेरी आंखों में प्यासे ख्वाब बोता है


तेरी बातों के फूलों से गजल मखदूम करती हूं


If you want to get more Ankita Singh Poem, click on the below link.

Poem and Suvichar

New Poem of Ankita Singh

Ankita Singh's new poem is published in February 2022. Nowadays this poem is very viral. The title of the poem is "जिनको क़द्र नहीं शब्दों की उनको मेरा मौन मिलेगा". Below we are giving some excerpts for you, which have been taken from Ankita Singh's Facebook Page.

जिनको क़द्र नहीं शब्दों की
उनको मेरा मौन मिलेगा !

शिखर चूमने वाले अक्षर
चरण वंदना नहीं कर सके,
स्वाभिमान है शब्दों में सो,
गुमनामी में नहीं मर सके
रसग्राही मन शब्द-शब्द पर,हँस सकता है रो सकता है
मेरे भीतर रह कर भी चुपचाप किसी का हो सकता है
इसीलिए दुनिया कहती है शाश्वत हैं ये, शब्द ब्रह्म हैं
भावों पर वरदान-सरीखे इन्हें सतत उर-भौन मिलेगा। (भौन:भवन)


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