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India is better than other countries in fighting Corona

Support India in fighting with Corona 

India is much better at fighting with Corona than other countries. The United States, Russia, Germany and France are better than India in terms of medical facilities. But India has not been able to do as much as India is beating Corona. We talk on the facts. Some facts are given below and facts never lie.

See the population of countries of the world

  1. US: 331 million
  2. Russia: 14.6 million
  3. Germany: 8.5 million
  4. Turkey: 8.4 million
  5. UK: 6.8 million
  6. France: 6.5 million
  7. Italy: 6.1 million
  8. Spain: 4.7 million
  9. Poland: 38 million
  10. Romania: 1.9 million
  11. Netherlands: 1.7 million
  12. Greece: 1.7 million
  13. Belgium: 1.2 million
  14. Czech Republic: 1.1 million
  15. Portugal: 1.1 million
  16. Sweden: 10 million
  17. Hungary: 10 million
  18. Switzerland: 0.9 million
  19. Balgeria: 0.7 Crore
  20. Denmark: 0.6 million

Total: 105.3 crores

The remaining 44 small countries of Europe have a population of 60 million.

105.3 crores + 6 crores of small countries of Europe + population of Brazil 21.2 crores + 4.45 crores of Argentina = 136.95 crores

India's population alone is 138 crores!

Now you guys should consider Covid-19 as much control as Europe, America, Russia, Brazil and Argentina have to do together as much as India has to do alone.

It is very easy to laugh and comment. This is why we are saying that nowadays, whosoever sees it, starts cursing the government. Sometimes you think of yourself and see how many people you have helped so far. You must have heard a saying. The heat of the griddle can only tell the bread, not the eaters.

Please think and do not make fun of the country or allow it to happen during the time of this pandemic. Set an example in front of the world. Support the government in this fight against Covid-19. If you cannot do anything, then at least support the government. This will be your true patriotism here.

It's time for the epidemic to help people. Do not shoot questions while sitting at home. The administration is already under pressure and do not spread anarchy. Introduce the good opposition. You will not be able to heal all at the time of coming to power. Everyone knows that there is no preparation for an epidemic.

Thank you!

India is better than other countries in fighting Corona

Some Motivational Quotes related To Corona Virus

Keep washing hands friends
Otherwise you will lose your life.

Be cautious! Be safe!
Beware of corona virus
Because caution is the only defense.

Do not get into any rumors.
To remove the corona virus
Only adopt the treatment of lockdown.

Do all the work from home, 
just take care of cleaning, 
this is the solution to avoid corona.

Friends call but don't go
This is corona's world,
Not out of the house.

To fight Corona and Motivate yourself, a link is given below, click on it and read other Motivational Quotes.

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