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What did Urmila do to remain faraway from Laxman for 14 years?

According to Ramayana, many incarnations of Sheshnag are mentioned, among which Rama 's brother Lakshmana and Krishna's brother Balarama are the most ones. consistent with the Ramayana, King Dasaratha's third son was Lakshmana. His mother's name was Sumitra. For Lakshmana, Rama was the parent, guru, brother and everything and obeying his orders was his main religion. They always lived with him sort of a shadow. He never tolerated insulting words to Lord Shri Ram. In fact, Laxman's exile is additionally greater than the exile of Rama. Staying faraway from his wife for 14 years, he made the service of Rama the sole goal of his life.

According to Valmiki Ramayana, Urmila Janakanandini was the younger sister of Sita and married Dasharatha and Sumitra's son Lakshmana at the time of Sita's marriage. When Laxman along side Rama and Sita started getting to exile, his wife Urmila also insisted to accompany him, but Laxman refused them, saying that the dominion of Ayodhya needed more mothers. It was a really difficult time for Urmila in such a situation when she was newly married and her married life had just started. After Lakshmana goes to exile, Urmila's father involves Ayodhya and requests Urmila to travel home, in order that the sadness of Urmila's husband, Vioge, are often alleviated by the association of mother and friends. But Urmila refuses to travel to her maternal range in Mithila, saying that it's her religion to measure together with her husband's family as per the husband's orders and to not leave them in sorrow. This was the unbroken husbandry religion of Urmila.

Urmila couldn't cry even during the foremost difficult moments when Laxman was leaving because her husband Lakshmana had taken another vow to her that she would never cry, as she wouldn't be ready to lookout of the family if she is immersed in her grief.

But now the question arises that if Lakshman stayed faraway from his wife Urmila for 14 years, what did Urmila do during this time?

In this regard, one gets to read a story supported recognition. However, this story is neither mentioned within the Valmiki Ramayana nor within the Ramcharit Manas. The legend is that Meghnad, the son of Ravana, had the boon that an individual who has not slept for 14 years can defeat him. However, Laxman continued to guard and serve his brother Shriram and sister-in-law Sita, that he couldn't sleep for 14 years. consistent with the legend, Urmila slept for 14 years rather than him.

After the slaughter of Ravana, Sri Rama, Sita and Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya and there began preparations for the coronation of Lord Rama. At that point Laxman started laughing loudly.

When asked Laxman the rationale for this laughter, what he said that he had waited for an equivalent age that i might see Sri Rama's coronation now, but now he will need to fulfill the promise given to Nidra Devi that he will attend exile. Was given before.

Actually, Nidra had told her that she wouldn't bother him for 14 years which his wife Urmila would sleep in his place. Nidra Devi had accepted his condition that Urmila would nod off as soon as she returned to Ayodhya and would need to sleep. Laxman was laughing that now he would need to sleep and he wouldn't be ready to see the coronation of Rama. Urmila had seen this ritual in his place.

Laxman's Urmila gave birth to 2 sons named Angad and Chandraketu and a daughter named Somada. Angadia Puri was founded by Angad and Chandraketu founded Chandrakanta Puri.

Force of Urmila's husband: consistent with another legend, the most reason for the victory of Lakshmana was the husband of Urmila. After the slaughter of Meghnad, his body was kept within the battle camp of Shri Ram Ji. Meghnad's wife Sulochana came to require the body. Sulochana's heart became highly moved after seeing her husband's incised head. She began to cry.

Crying, he checked out Laxman standing nearby and said- "Sumitranandan, do not be too proud to forget that I even have slaughtered Meghnad. nobody within the world had the facility to smash Meghnad. this is often the 2 loving women. Was destiny.

Now you want to be thinking that if Urmila slept for 14 years under the influence of Nidra Devi, how did she fulfill her promise to Lakshman to serve her mother-in-law and other relatives. therefore the answer is that Sita Mata gave one among her boons to Urmila. consistent with that boon, Urmila could do three tasks simultaneously.

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