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Solution of Reading problem

Solution of Reading problem

Solution of any person’s problem who read slowly can be found not by one but by many ways. 

Increasing the speed:

Problem of missing words backwardly can be solved because missing words or reversing them backwardly depends on the ninety percent and it is necessary for understanding. There are ten percent words which should be understood again they can be noted down in mind map in underlined manner and later on it can be found out by good understanding. 

Reading Solution
At least ¼ second can be reduced for reaching each fixation- the reader should not become terrified by thinking this thing that the time is very less because his eyes can see at least five words in hundredth portion of a second.  

The size of fixation can be increased for reading three to five words in a time.
If it is true that the brain reads only one word in a time, this solution will appear impossible in the beginning. Generally, it can be firm equally in the group of words which is right by every way-when we read a sentence, we don’t read it for knowing the meaning of each word but we read for knowing the meaning of phrases in which there are words.

A person who reads anything slowly will have to do harder labor comparison to those people who read anything fast and clearly because he will have to meet the meaning of each word with the meaning of each word which come forward. In the above example, this number reaches to fifth or sixth. A person who reads with much proficiency and assimilate everything with a meaningful way will have to add only one simple number. 

Benefits of fast reading:

Eyes of a person who reads fast will do less physical labor on each page. It is the benefit for the person who reads anything fast. He will have only 100 fixations on each page and each makes him less tired comparison to the person who reads slowly and he will have 500 fixations on each page.

The second benefit is that the rhythm and regularity of a person who reads fast will help him in understanding its meaning whereas a person who reads anything with slow speed feels boredom because of stopping, beginning and giving jolts. His concentration can come to an end or he can face mental obstruction and he is not able in understanding whatever he is reading.   

Wrong conceptions about reading:
In this way, it can be seen that there are many wrong popular conceptions about the person who reads fast.

Read one word in a time-wrong because of our capacity to be firm and because we read anything for knowing the meaning of any word in place of reading any word. 

Reading 500 words in a minute is impossible-wrong- because the truth is that we can read only six words per fixation and it is also true that we can make four fixations in a second. Here it means to say that reading 1000 words is possible in a minute.

A person who reads anything fast cannot assess-wrong. A person who reads anything fast can understand anything properly so he will pay much attention on the material what he reads and he will get much time to reread the thing of his interest and importance.   

Fast speed has less concentration-wrong:

The faster a person reads the more inspiration and concentration he gets.
Average reading speed is natural and so it is good-wrong: because the average speed of reading is not natural. It is because of insufficient knowledge in what speed the eyes and brain work or incompleteness of initial training.

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