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Problems of reading

Problems of reading

Attention has been given on several problems which have been described in the list of definition. Those problems which are not included in it are out of the process of reading as the lack of our reaction towards our atmosphere, day time, level of energy, interest, inspiration, income and health.

Why do problems of reading take birth?

At this time, you can ask this question why so many people have such problems.

Firs of all, are taught phonic method
Beside the lack in our knowledge about the brain, its answer is present in our thinking towards the previous manner of teaching. Most of people among you who are above 25 five would be taught by phonic or alphabet method. You would be learnt that look and say by seeing other.

In the easiest phonic way, children, firs of all, are taught phonic method and thereafter they are taught different sounds of each letter and then sounds of combination of the letters and finally they are taught combination of sounds while making words. Thereafter, they are given hard books for reading. Generally, in order from 1 to 10 by which he marches forwardly by his movement. During this process, he becomes a silent reader.  

In the method named “Look and say” children are taught by keeping cards before them (there are pictures in such cards). The name of the shown thing is present just below the picture. Once the child becomes familiar by the pictures and their names, the picture is removed from the card not name. when the vocabulary of the children get increased, they are taught by a series of books like the books which had been used for teaching them in phonic way and in this way he becomes a silent reader.  

The description which has been described by two methods is too small. Like them, there are about fifty percent more methods by which children are taught in England and other English spoken countries. This problem is present all over world. 

It is not that such methods are wrong for getting the aim but these are wrong methods to teach the children complete meaning of any word.

If we talk about the definition of reading, we will find that these methods have been made only for telling the level of recognition and for Assimilation or Intra-integration in the process. These methods don’t talk about movement, time, quantity, recall, retention, selection, disapproval, noting down, concentration, praise, criticism, analysis, association,  inspiration, interest, boredom, atmosphere, fatigue or painting style.   

Therefore, this thing becomes clear why are the people facing this problem on such large scale.

Noting down the fact is very important that recognition never had been taught as a problem because it had been taught in the early school days. Other kinds of problems had been taught because no effort had been done for solving them during the educational process. 

In the coming chapters, several efforts have been done for solving most of problems among such problems. Further, you will be taught about the speed of eyes and speed of reading.  

Eyes activities while reading:

When a person is said to show the activity and speed of your eyes with the help of fingers, most of people move their fingers from the last line of one and in a direction of the beginning line of one from left to right. Generally, they take half and quarter or one second for each line.


If the eye moves as the one line per second, 600 to 700 words will be read per minute. Because the speed of reading words of a simple article is 240 words per minute. It has been observed that people who read with slow speed start to read faster comparison to before.  


If eyes read anything easily by the method which has been given above, they are not able in assimilating something because they can see anything more clearly only when they see it firmly. If the thing is firm, the eye will have to become firm necessarily and if the eyes are moving, the eyes also will have to move along with the thing. a practical done by you or your friend will strengthen this thing that keep fore finger before the eyes without movement and or feel that you are seeing that thing by your eyes or see your friend seeing towards that thing. They will remain firm. Then move your finger up and down and from left to right along with by moving your eyes.  Or bring your both hands forwardly by keeping them crossed and seeing them altogether too. If you want to see them clearly, you should move your eyes along with the movement of thing.

According to all these bases, it becomes clear that if eyes are reading words and words are firm, eyes will have to stop on each word before marching forwardly. Eyes move with stoppage or marching forwardly with a speed in place of marching in a straight line. 

These bounces are so fast in themselves that they take no time but bond of aim take from ¼ to 1½ seconds. A person who generally reads a word in a time and another person who keeps on missing words and letters while reading is obstructed in reading in that speed by easy mathematical process of eyes which are about 100 words per minute and it means that neither he is able in understanding it properly nor he will read much what he is reading.  

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