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Medicine and memory

Medicine and memory

Often, we find many advertisements of tablets, capsules and medicines of strength. Such advertisements claim that they can improve your memory. Can any medicine can improve the memory power of a person. This is a common question. The answer of this question can be yes.  
Memory Power aur dava
Ten person who are 23 to 27 years old have been called that there is such tonic in the market which can double your memory power if it is taken three months regularly. Memory test of all the ten students have been taken before starting the medicine viz tonic.

Tonic of a reputed company was given to the five persons whereas normal colored water was given to the rest of five persons. This experiment remained continue for three months regularly. After three months, the same memory test of all ten persons was taken.

Just imagine, what will be its result. The result was that all the ten persons scored more number in the test than the previous test and average of all the persons was same.

When this topic analyzed deeply, one truth came before us that memory power of the persons got increased because of psychological reasons. All ten persons had sent a message to their brain that they were doing something for the brain and this thing improved their brain.  

The most effective method among all the methods to develop memory power is sending message to the brain and the message is “my brain is faster than any computer of the world and it is becoming more and more powerful day by day.

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