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Shocking Secrets of Ramayana | Mystery of Ravana's death

Shocking Secrets of Ramayana

 A Shocking secret, not only Vibhishan, Ravan's wife Mandodari had also told this secret of Ravana's death.
Shocking Secrets of Ramayana

We have been listening to the story of Ramayana from our elders or parents since childhood and till date we only know that the cause of Ravana's death was his brother Vibhishan. Vibhishan had told Shri Rama the Shocking secret of his brother Ravana's death.

But in reality, very few people know that this is half the truth of the story. Because half of the story is related to Ravana's wife Mandodari. Today we are going to tell you the Shocking secret related to Mandodari.

Ravana, along with his two brothers Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana, performed a hard penance of Brahma ji and pleased them. When Brahma ji appeared in front of them, pleased with the hard penance of the three brothers, Ravana asked Brahma ji a boon of immortality.

Brahma ji expressed their inability on this boon of Ravana, but he gave an arrow to Ravana and said that this arrow will cause your death.
Ravana took that arrow from Brahma ji and took it to his palace and got it selected in the wall near the throne.
When the war between Lord Rama and Ravana was going on, every arrow played by Lord Rama was neutralizing Ravana. As soon as Shri Rama cut Ravana's head with his arrow, a new head of Ravana would be generated by itself.

When Lord Shri Rama felt that it is unbearable to kill Ravana now, then at the same time, Vibhishan came to Lord Shri Rama. He told Rama, telling the secret of Ravana's death that Lord Ravana has a hut of nectar in his navel which It can be boiled only by the special arrow of Brahma Dev.

In such a situation, Vibhishan told Rama that Ravana can be killed only by that special arrow, otherwise no weapon can kill him. And only Mandodari's wife knew this secret.

What was it then? Hanuman ji took the form of an astrologer. After going to Lanka, he started moving from one place to another place and started telling the future of people there. In a short time, the news of Hanuman-like astrology failed in the whole of Lanka.

The news of that astrology reached Ravana's wife Mandodari and Mandodari, eager to know his specialty, invited him to his palace. Astrology in the form of Hanuman told Mandodari something about Ravana which Mandodari was surprised to hear.

In talks, Hanuman ji told Mandodari about Ravana's relation to the arrow he received as a boon from Brahmaji. At the same time, Hanuman ji also tried to show that wherever that arrow is lying, it is not safe.
Hanuman ji wanted Mandodari to somehow tell him the location of that arrow.
Mandodari first tried to assure Jyotishacharya that the arrow was safe, but because of Hanuman's eloquence, Mandodari only spoke that the arrow was placed inside the pillar closest to Ravana's throne.
Hearing this, Hanuman ji assumed his true form and soon he reached with the arrow to Shri Ram. Ram again attacked Ravana's navel with the same arrow. In this way Ravana came to an end.

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