Successful and Unsuccessful related Quotes, Suvichar, Positive though

Successful Quotes, Suvichar, Positive Thought

Success is definite whether it is too late:

Have firm determination always in your mind. Just imagine about stone cutter how it cuts to the big stones into two pieces. He hits stone with full strength. He keeps on hitting the stone whether any mark appears on it with the first blow of the machine. 

Successful and Unsuccessful quotes
He knows that his efforts are vain yet he keeps on doing his work of hitting stone.

We don’t observe the result soon but it means not that nothing is happening.
The stone cutter keeps on hitting and he gets success in breaking the stone into many pieces. Was it his last attack of which he got success? Definitely not, it was the combined influence of all the attacks done by him. In other words, it was his continuous efforts which gifted him success.

Bring closeness in the relations:

If you remain angry with other people all the time, the reason behind it is that your main and basic rules of life have become disturbed. You become disturbed or distressed because of your belief or breaking your rules or levels not because of any other person. Perhaps, you have ignored practical rules too. Next time remember that you will not be angry with any person but it is happening because of the present circumstances. Ask yourself whether your rules are more important or the relation of the person. Any kind of obstruction in old established habits produces the condition of duel. 

There is no need to say that limited manifestation narrows the life. Give up your poky habits and adopt new ones for the development and progress. Great thought will not hurt like electric volt but also you will have to include it in life in concrete form.

Your special identification:

How do you get special identification? You are peerless and unique in yourself and it is because of your experiences. Your deeds are recorded in your nervous system not in your conscious memory.

These whole conscious or unconscious memories are called reference whatever you observed, heard, smelt or felt remains in your huge hard disk viz brain in hidden position. These references and manifestations are those on which we depend, believe or have strength. These references are those which give a form to our life but these are those meaning of which we are related. 

You can never unsuccessful:

Any person faces failures, temporary defeat definitely before tasting the taste of success in the life. When defeat is heavy over a person, people search the easiest way viz leaving the field. 

Most of people do so. One survey of successful people clears out that big success is one step behind the failure. Failure hides the forcefulness. If you want to be successful, double your failures viz keep on making efforts until you get success. If any work is appropriate according you and you have belief in it, do it by coming forwardly. Keep your aim before you. Don’t deviate if you face temporary defeat or unsuccessful. A person is not unsuccessful or defeated until he accept defeat. 
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