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VK SINGH (Motivational Speaker)

अवसर मिलने का इंतेजार करना व्यर्थ है, इससे तो अच्छा है कि अवसर पैदा करें। ✍️ VK SINGH

About Suvichar

Suvichar is a kind of idea for purification of soul that calms your mind and enhances your intellect. When you read these thoughts you get motivation. Under the influence of these motivations, you can do whatever you want to do.

To increase your knowledge, we keep posting some ideas here for you, which you can share with friends and relatives as you wish.

Suvichar is a complete sentence that gives fully humanistic thought, great person’s thoughts, truth of the life, a true and lovely thought, world famous thinker, positive thinking, high Thinking, Motivation, Quotes, etc.

About Founder

V.S. Chandravanshi - Founder of Suvichar4u.com

My self VK Singh, Motivational Speaker, Networker and Digital Marketing Expert. I have more than 10 years experience in professional jobs and Network Marketing. During This period I felt lots of thing about Success in Life and Business. This experience I will keep on sharing to You.

My Hindi Quotes


जिंदगी में सफल होने का एक ही रास्ता होता है, हारने के डर को जीत के उत्साह में बदल दो। 

VK SINGH - Motivational Quotes in Hindi

यदि आप संमुदर को पार करने की ठान लो, तो आपका रासता लहरें भी नहीं रोक सकती।
✍️ VK SINGH (Motivational Quotes in Hindi)

VK SINGH Hindi Qutoes

कभी कभी रिस्तों को जिंदा रखने के लिए खामोश रहकर सुनना ही बुद्धिमानी होती है। ✍️ VK SINGH