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Asking right questions |Suvichar in english

Change your bad habits by asking right questions

suvichar in english
Perhaps, you tried to lose your body weight many times but every time you get failure. Have you ask to yourself ever how you will fill your stomach? What is your favorite fried dish? Beside it, have you asked yourself what meal will give you energy and what soup will provide me energy. If you are greedy for meal and know how much weight you will get by this meal, whether you will become successful in achieving your aims.

Change in the questions will bring change in your bad habits and there will be an improvement in your life. 

What do you want whether someone think on this subject or not. For example, think how you can live healthy in place of thinking about giving up smoking. You will get help in concentrating the mind on main point and achieving goal will be easy for you. What do you want and what is obstacle in it? Identify them. 
Right question:

Connect change with happiness and grief should not be connected with any change.

1. What effect will be over you if you do not bring change in it?

2. How much is the change important for you? Will you lose anything?

3. Evaluate your sentimental, physical, financial and spiritual side properly. 

4. Will it affect your work and character?

Ask question to yourself:

1. How will you feel about yourself when you bring change in it? 

2. How will the person who loves you most feel by bringing change in it?

3. How much happy will be you by bringing change in it?

Getting success by taking inspiration from any person or by making any person as ideal of your life or running on his footprints is new question for you. Such experience of which you want to apperceived.  

How does right system of question work: 

Remain quite aware of the thing completely which you are searching for. Try to adopt below mentioned experiences as examples. Do it in an unfamiliar field. Think for one minute on your locality and then question to yourself. 

“Where do I find yellow color”? Note down all information about that color in your note book. Thereafter, close your eyes. Imagine that you have been painted with green color. The possibility is that you will remember everything related to brown color but you will not remember anything related to green color. Now open your eyes, you will feel green all around.  

Stick it to the glass of bathroom: 

1. Why are you happy at this time?

2. Why are you feeling yourself happy at this time? What is the thing which provides me happiness and pleasure?  

3. What did you gave today? What is your support in it?

4. What have you learnt today? What new have you done?

5. How augmentation has come in the goodness of your life? How will the investment provide me benefit in near future?

Make the questions effective:

Ask question to yourself to produce obstructions in the moment of negativity “what the important thing in”. Keep remember that you can establish any relation or meaning with your experience. Second question is- how the centered meditation based on “how” in place of “why” can be used for the solution?   

Include these questions in the morning questions. Only we are responsible for connecting the relation and meaning with the main incidents of life. It depends on us whether we want to face negative circumstances negatively or positively. It depends on you whether you will want to give pain or pleasure to the world in exchange if you have got pain in the world or you will want to be sensitive towards other people if the world behaved well with you.    

Positive thinking - Part 2

How to concentrate

(Processing of concentration)

Let’s make a list of such formulae in which you can change your mood without using cigarette and wine and you can increase the positive state of your brain. 

Note down those ways which can change your negativity into positive attitude.

Processing of concentration
Include those new ideas and way in it which have not been used by you till now. You will feel better definitely by it. Don’t stop until your write down 15 to 30 new ideas. Though, hundreds of healthy ideas can be written on this subject. Try to note down these ideas.

There are many ways to feel happiness, gaiety and good and you can choose only one among them. 

Listen your favorite song; play any sweet sound on any instrument which lighten your ear, watch any comedy film of serial, take meal with friend, decorate your home with flowers, note down your experiences in the register and take a nap during day. 

Impossible only the magic of thinking:

Before several years, running one mile in four minutes was an impossible work but the racer Roger Banister broke this illusion. He completed this distance within 3.59 minutes. He depicted the mental portrayal of the victory because of which the nervous system of the body assumed in this way that he was sure for his victory. The success of banister opens the paths of victory for other racers. Thereafter, in a year, there were many racers who did this impossible work.    

You need to break the circles of the obstructions and to make every impossible work possible. By doing so, your life and life of the people who live near you will change. 

Plain process of the brain:

When we face any incident ever, our brain stores the pain or happiness of that incident inside it. This classification is based on this belief whether you feel the incident painful or pleasurable. It is quite right that our normal condition gets work from us but it has its own limitations. Some people keep them in the category of unqualified people because they face failures many times in the life. In this way, keeping yourself in any category can become the habit which opens the path to make the possible into impossible.

Do you compare your limited evaluation with the other people? Is there any exception?

Tow Secrets for your life

Tow Secrets for your life

 Following mentioned two secrets can be very beneficial for you:
1. Bring a change in the center point of your concentration
2. Beautiful moments of the life should be depicted mentally.

Sentiment: (Physiology)

Try to feel the limitations of your sentiments. You can double your joy and happiness
Many times, several benefits can be got by bringing changes in the physical condition. When a person is in anger, tension or in the condition of depression, often he turns towards negative activities as smoking and drinking. Negative state can be removed by the help of meditation, exercise, music, etc. Shrinking shoulders, nodding head, and etc show mean sentiments. When we are filled with complete energy, happy posture and self confidence, our chest becomes puffy because of proud; shoulders become high and breathing style becomes better.  
You can change your sentimental side by bringing changes in physical conditions because our each sentiment is related to our physical activities.  


The world starts to smile if you smile.
Stand before a mirror and smile one minute for five times in a day till one week regularly. You will feel a little strange while doing so but when your smile will become real and shiny not artificial; you will feel good in your mind.
Many times it happens that you call your friend to meet but he does not reach on time.
Your sentiments are the part of your physical activities:
Try to feel the limitations of your sentiments. You can double your joy and happiness by doing some efforts and by bringing a little change in the center of origin. Choose either natural sentiments or positive sentiments and take pleasure of different kinds of postures, activities and expressions.
When you are in any distress, remember it:
Remember those moments of your life when you were very angry from any person, you are feeling envy or you were in obstacles. Perhaps, you may laugh by remembering those moments and you will think that you were disturbed in vain whereas there was no need to be worried at that time. Now, laugh on those moments loudly. By doing so, you will become able in keeping all the present problems in your fist. 
Centered medicine-sentiment (action-reaction):
Many times it happens that you call your friend to meet but he does not reach on time. How will you have feel at that time? Perhaps, the restlessness of your heart will get increased by thinking that your friend is not worried for you or you will have think that it is your friend’s habit. Will your restlessness get increased so much that bad ideas strike in your mind. You can think about the accident with your friend. You can think that your friend will stay in the middle of the path. 
1.     Our meditation determines our sentiments
2.     Our sentiments and thinking control our activities.   
Make yourself strong by asking right questions.
Where the concentration should be centered?
If you will center your concentration on negativity all the time, none can check the accident with you. Example- your car slip in trying to control it when you are driving with high speed and you observe towards the wall for saving your life but you face car accident by keeping negative thinking in your mind.  
You need not to terrify, take your life far from the wall by determining the direction to the height of the sky. Concentrate your mind on what object you want to achieve and nowhere. You will start your work naturally by doing so. Concentrate your mind what you desire and for which you are capable. 

Decision of a good decision:

One day, a boy of a class was beaten by a senior student. The boy decided to take revenge in anger. He brought pistol of his father from his house and he pointed the gun on the chest of the senior student. One question struck in his mind before shooting him. He thought, “I will have to go into prison if I kill him or shoot him”. The dangerous sight of the prison came before his eyes and he fired the gun on the wall in place of boy.
The name of the shooter was Bo Jackson who got lots of popularity in the field of games in his life. A little understanding changed the pain into happiness. One boy who had no future at that time changed into such boy who got lots of fame in the world of game. So, question yourself and try to bring change in yourself. 

Way of living happy

Way of living happy

Make a list of such four works on which you are to work today but you are postponing them for tomorrow. Then answer following mentioned questions.

1. Why did not I complete this work? What kinds of problems did I face in doing so last time?
2. Have I got pleasure ever by keeping such kinds of negative thinking?
3. What kinds of problems will be faced by me in future if I do not change my negative?
4. How much benefit shall I get if I start my work since the present time?

We keep a ray of hope in our mind that we shall be rich and prosperous one day; we shall possess car and other facilities in future; we shall have good relation with someone in future; we shall be healthy and stout one day; we shall get fame in the society in future, how much pleasure shall we get on that time.

Such kinds of beneficial conditions are the guests for a little time which cannot provide satisfaction all the time. It is your mental condition which keeps your mind happy. Why should we not develop a habit of becoming happy?

How can you keep yourself happy? Are you in such kind of condition at this time that you may feel every kind of happiness, joy and happiness?

Remember the incident and those moments when you felt excessive joy and happiness. Set up the map of that incident and those moments in the mind and bring those gestures on your face again. Try to keep your breathing style as it was at that time. Test the palpitation of the veins and govern your physical activities according to previous time. Now, observe are you feeling that kind of zest and happiness now as you felt at that time. You can feel those moments of happiness whenever you want.

Concentrate your mind, you will feel happiness soon. Any experience can be felt by many ways. Excitement, thrill and fickleness are present in our body all the time and how do we bring it out depends on our thinking.   

anxiety and pleasure

What the anxiety and pleasure are?

Any kind of grief should be accepted as a friend.
Any kind of grief should be accepted as a friend. If you think that you have no relation if any person does this or that. You can get only sorrows in your life by having such kind of thinking. If you live with relations, you will face a little problem but if you come out from it, you will feel yourself alone and more distressed.

Remember all your past sorrows of life. Make you feel the seriousness of the problem for doing anything about it. You are on the doorstep of emotionalism when are not able in doing anything in this case. After touching the peak of emotionalism, you find yourself quite capable in facing all kinds of problems.   

Change the meaning of sorrows and pain. Many times, you try to pay attention on the diet but it is not sufficient. Meal can be left because the brain cannot bear it for long time. 

Remember all your past sorrows of life.
Test your pain in place of fighting with hunger. Remember all those consequences which appear after taking heavy meal. When you become aware that exercising is beneficial and taking much meal is harmful, you will become able in differentiating between right or wrong.  

Please pay attention:

Most of people have the habit of postponing their work. They keep on trying to delaying their work. The reality is that, such habit increases our problems only. If you delay in doing any work, you produce problems and nothing else for you.  

Live every moment of life

Live every moment of life

Pleasure and happiness cannot be ignored for a single moment. Completing all the plans you are trying to achieve is not necessary for getting the pleasure of life. Each moment is important. Pay attention at your present and live every day and every life happily.

For it, first, remember all your plans in your brain in which you have got success.
The happiness and progress don’t depend on the success of any plan. Your plan is not as important as the path is you choose to achieve your success. You need only to identify your direction and marching towards your goals.

How to encourage yourself to reach on the peak:

For it, first, remember all your plans in your brain in which you have got success. Imagine, what kinds of obstacles and hardships you faced at that time and how did you overcome those hardships and obstacles for achieving success.

When you feel your new imaginations and desires, you should not worry about any kind of obstacle because you have already achieved many successes by overcoming many big obstacles.    

You will have to possess firm determination, decision of success, control on the life and proficiency necessarily. First of all, identify your goals and think that no obstacle can check your path of success. Make firm determined for getting success.   

Life is a game of happiness and sorrow:

How do happiness and sorrow decide the direction of our luck? We have always easy ways to face sorrows. Sometimes, we drink wine and sometimes we smoke and many times we start to eat like gluttonous.

Some people try to get rid of mental tensions by physical exercise, by walking, by listening good music or by involving in any other work.  

Try to identify all those ways which are helpful in getting pleasure and removing all the mental problems. Make a list of such ways.

Are there many more such positive ways which can be helpful in achieving pleasure?

Wrong composition:

Failures keep on trying to prevailing over our desires. We want to live with those things we have in place of taking risk for our desires and goals. What will be more important for you? How much money have you amassed in last five years? Whether sitting like a snake will be beneficial or searching new ways for earning money in next five years.

Failure hides success

Failures Teach You Valuable Lessons

You should make efforts to get your aims again
If you don’t get success in your first attempt, whether you should not think about it or you should make efforts to get your aims again. It's simple answer is that don’t sit until you get success or you achieve your goals. You should not fear from obstacles and problem what come on the way of success. You feel a special kind of pleasure about which you will not think in your dream.

Firm determination and commitment are the important source of your personality. Taking interest in anything is not sufficient but commitment is very necessary for it. It is possible that a little success you achieve strengthen your thinking strong for the great success in future. 

Evaluate your failures what you have learnt from them. Keep on making efforts for getting complete success by keeping this evaluation in your mind.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking

How does out brain work:

Sometimes, it happens that we forget anything as watch, book, pen, etc what we kept anywhere in the home before some time and we are not able in remembering the place where the thing was kept. Why do not we remember the place where the thing was kept whereas none but we kept the thing.

There is a part in our brain which stores the information and plans remembered by us and which are necessary for our existence. If we have not described out plans clearly, it means that we have not made our brain firm for the fulfillment of our dreams and desires.

When we are giving training to our brain, we are governing to our reticular activating system at that time. At this time, the part of our brain where all information has been stored becomes like a magnet which keeps on attracting information and chances towards it.  

Keep your goals before you:

Imagine if you have completed all those work within a year about which you thought. How are you feeling now by thinking so and how are you feeling the life? This question will help you in the fulfillment of your plans. You need why and you will get how yourself.

You should keep four things in your brain among all those plans which are done first in a year by you. Thereafter, on the base of your restriction, write a paragraph on the topic what steps should be taken by you for completing all the plans.