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Modicare Anthem New Full Song | Modicare MLM Song

Modicare Anthem song

Hello friends, till today you must have heard a lot about network marketing. Many of your friends may also be doing network marketing. But have you ever heard that there is also an Anthem Song of any network marketing? No no Today we are going to give you information about Modicare Network Marketing and will also give you information about Modicare Anthem New Full Song.

About Modicare:

Modicare is a network marketing company. Today lakhs of people in India are earning lakhs of rupees every month by doing Modicare MLM. It is the first network marketing company in India. If anyone is given the title of India's number one network marketing in today's time, then it will be Modicare. Because the number of people associated with Modicare company in India is more than any other company. More distributors than any other company are earning lakhs of rupees every month from Modicare. Lakhs of people have fulfilled their dreams with Modicare. The song given above is the anthem song of Modicare. You also listen to this song and share it with others.

Modicare Anthem by Samir Modi Sir

Naye Hain Vade, Naye Eraade
Naaye Naaye Tere Jazbaat
Aazadi Ke Khwaab Main Tere
Hum Hai Pure Dil Se Saath
Haan Dil Se Saath, Haan Dil Se Saath. 

Nayi Hai Duniya Nayi Hain Khusiyaan
Nayi Nayi Teri Buniyaad
Hanha Chale Tu Ek Kadam Chale 
Do Kadam Hum Tre Saath
Tre Saath, Haan Tre Saath, 
Haan Tere Saath. 

Teri Manzil Ke Hain Humsafar
Hum Hain Modicare Modicare Modicare

Anginat Sapne Aashayein
Bin Bandish Bin Seemayain
Chahe Jo Halat Bane
Hum Saath Kadde
Hai Hum Saaye
Kadam Milkar Chane Ko 
Hum Jaan Hatheli Par Layer
Haan Jaan Hatheli Par Laye

Teri Ummid, Teri Ummid
Teri Umeed Se Badkar Hum hain
Hum Hai Modicare, Modicare, Modicare

Dil se Dil ka Bandhan Hain
Taal Se Taal Ka Sangam Hain
Jitenge Baazi Yeh, 
Eraado Main Dumkhum Hain, 
Hasarat Se Badkar Modicare Hai
Chahat Se Badkar Modicare
Janoon Se Baddkar Modicare Hain
Sapno Se Baddkar Modicare Hain
Parvano Se Badakar..

Hum Hain Modicare Modicare Modicare
Hum Hain Modicare Modicare.

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