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प्यार पर सुविचार | My Love poem | Love Suvichar

My Love Poem

प्यार पर सुविचार

love suvichar in Hindi

Prem Ki Shakti Nafarat Ki Takat Se Hajaron Guna Prabhav Shali Hoti hai.

love suvichar

You make me feel special each day.
You always bring a smile on my face.

It never fades and never will it be
as long as you’ll be in my life!

I love you so much and I hope that
you’ll always remember that

Wherever life may lead us,
I promise that you will always have me.

I will never leave you
I will never stop loving you.

We may be separated from each other,
but I’m telling you now

That there’s always me
who loves you unconditionally.

The world may your its back on you
but I’m always here to comfort

and love you the best I could.
I’m always here and I’m all yours alone!

I love you,
and I’m glad you’re in my life!

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