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Tulsidas (1511-1623), also known as Goswami Tulsidas is a renowned Hindu saint and an acclaimed poet in Hindi, Indian and world Literature. Tulsidas was a devotee to Rama and also the founder of Sankatmochan Temple in Varanasi dedicated to Lord Hanuman. He was born in the town of Rajpura.However, spent most of his life in Varanasi. It is after his name that Tulsi Ghat has been named near river Ganga. Tulsidas is one of the best known author in Sanskrit and Awadhi because of his extra ordinary work. And the most epic work stands out to be Ramcharitramanas.

The impact of Tulsidas and his works on the art, culture and society in India is widespread. And his transcripts have been used in various television series.
Tulsidas is also considered to be a rebirth of Valmiki. Out of the various compositions by him The Vinaypatrika is considered as the last compositions of Tulsidas, believed to be written when Kali Yuga started troubling him. In this work of 279 stanzas, he beseeches Rama to give him Bhakti and to accept his petition. Tulsidas attests in the last stanza of Vinaypatrika that Rama himself signed the manuscript of the work. The 45th stanza of the Vinaypatrika is sung as the evening Aarti by many Hindus.

So he is and will remain one of the most epic writers and a great legend.


   1.“Aawat Hi Harshe Nahi, Nayan Nahi Sneh
   Tulsi Waha Nahi Jayiye, Kanchan Barse Meh”

This Doha of Tulsidas states that, if there is no smile, no love, and no affection towards you in the eyes of the person whose house you have gone. Never go there even if there is a shower of gold or money for you.

   2.    “Tulsi Saathi Vipatti Ke, Vidya Vinay Vivek
   Sahas Sukruti Susatyavatt, Ram Bhorose Ek”

This Doha of Tulsidas depicts that, when you are in trouble or you face any sort of difficulty, your only partners or companions are Vidya (Knowledge), Vinay (Politeness or Modesty), Vivek (Wisdom), or Patience . Rest Power, dare, solution, good actions, good behavior of yours towards other and most importantly God Rama will bestow upon you as he is the one who always guide us to the right path.

   3.  "Vasikaran Ek Mantra Hai, Pariharu Vachan Kattohr”

This Doha of Tulsidas shows that, talking others with sweet words or with respect and love will always grows pleasure or spread happiness everywhere. And this is an only hypnotic mantra because the harder or negative words you share with others will make your life harder and difficult.

   4.     “Kaam Krodh Madh Lobh Ki, Jo Lou Mann Me Khan
    Tou Lou Pandit Murkho, Tulsi Ek Saman”

This Doha of Tulsidas shows that, if one only has lust, anger, proud, greediness or ego in life then there is no difference between an educated person and uneducated one because they are considered to be same because the result they gain is nothing.

5.   “Bina Tej Ke Purush Ki, Avasi Avagya Hoae
   Aagi Bujhe Jo Raakh Ki, Aap Chuvaye Sab Koe

This Doha of Tulsidas depicts that, a person without enlightenment or intelligence will get disrespected in the society likewise when the fire of ash burns and the fire put off, then everyone can easily touch the ashes without any fear and hesitation.

   6.     “Ram Naam Mani Deep Dharu, Jih Dehri Dwar
    Tulsi Bhitar Baharo, Joo Chahasi Ujiyar”

This Doha of Tulsidas shows that, God Ram is everywhere if a ram name is there in a heart of a person or present everywhere in their homes then surely there is a progress coming from all sides.

   7.     “Sachiv Baith Guru ,Tani Jo Priya Bolhi Beh Aasa
    Raj Dharma Tan Taani Kar, Hoi Begihi Naash”

This Doha of Tulsidas states that Advisor, Doctor and teacher if any of them lies because of greediness or any wrong intention then surely they easily destroy Rajya (state), Dharma, and Tan (body).

8. Tulsi Mithe Vachan Te, Sukh Upajat Chahu Aur
     Vashikaran Ek Mantra Hai, Pariharu Vachan Kathor

This Doha of Tulsidas states that hard words make life harder and sweet tongue grows pleasure everywhere

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