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Is the encounter of Hyderabad rape accused by Telangana police "not a person's rights violation"?
Let me tell you a real incident first. I used to be unemployed until 2016. I used to be wandering from rate to rate in search of employment. Once a lover of mine who was within the Human Rights Commission told me secretly that you simply become a worker of the Local Human Rights Commission.

I asked - what is going to happen to him?

He replied - Whenever there's a significant crime, and then you attend the police headquarters and substitute favor of the criminal. The police will consider you a person's rights worker and provides them tea and therefore the relations of the criminal will offer you money. The criminal will always consider you a prefer to protect him from the police. Sometimes the chance will do some work.

I said – Wah! what a pure business.

Human rights people do an equivalent at the national level. In many cases you'll see that only human rights criminals are being saved.

Now let's go a touch past, they see the human rights of Sohrabuddin, Ishrat Jahan who becomes the daughter of Bihar who was a Lashkar terrorist, Bisahda Akhlaq was the messiah of peace, the human rights of the stone-pelts of Kashmir.

But on the border, soldiers don't appear to be martyrs a day. Policemen aren't seen doing duty around the clock. What percentage rallies took out human rights in favor of army? Not one. What percentage rallies happened in favor of criminals?  Just Countless.

Why? Because whatever they fund, they're going to favor it.

They blackmail the police with fear of human rights abuses and pocket the products from the rear door.

Now come to the case of Hyderabad,

The police arrested the culprit, the offender tried to run away during the crime scene, the police warned but they didn't stop, therefore the police had to shoot during which the four were killed.

Now look straightforward, because the foremost culprit was an individual from the most peaceful community of India, so those that gave him cover fire got scared in his mind. like The Coward, Quint, Scroll, NDTV, and therefore the inventor Congress of saffron terrorism etc. they're speaking directly, now with the assistance of the Human Rights Commission, they need to pressurize the police so badly that if there's any such inhuman act, then the police don't dare to face the criminals directly.

Human rights abuses are an excuse; the important purpose is to save lots of subsequent criminal.

The Reason being the society refuses to accept the victim and the accused are left free. The life of a girl becomes a living hell as everyone will see her as an object rather then being a human.

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