Thursday, January 16, 2020

CHHAAPAK "An Acid Splash that changed the life of a 15 year old girl" Movie Review


Starting from the word "CHHAPAAK”, why the director of the movie MEGHNA GULZAR, takes the title CHHAPAAK for this most inspirational and real life story.

CHHAPAAK means the sound of splash likewise the movie depicts the sound of the acid hits the face of LAXMI AGARWAL and suddenly changed her life forever.Now talking about the main character of the story DEEPIKA PADUKONE, she has played the role of LAXMI AGARWAL as MALTI, an acid attack survivor. A happy teenager aspired to be a singer but 'CHHAPAAK' of acid changes the course of her life.


The whole movie revolves around the acid attack victim LAXMI AGARWAL as she was burned with acid in NEW DELHI 2005, and then she started a campaign for banning the sale of acid in India.
LAXMI AGARWAL was just 15 years old when she suffered an acid attack in 2005. A man, who is 32 years old, splashed acid on Laxmi's face as she had refused his marriage proposal.

The movie conveys a strong message of standing tall and celebrating life even after you have faced adversity at its worst." CHHAPAAK" a story that makes you shed tears and smile at the same time. It is a sensitive, brave and terrifying story that's not easy to watch, but definitely worth telling. This movie makes you feel every moment of an acid attack survivor's life. “CHHAPAAK” portrays her tedious struggle in the process of securing justice while highlighting several impediments.
Strongly supported by a man with integrity and empathy, who i felt was the type of man any woman would want by her side during various stages of life. In the shade of shared pain, they embraced each other. It’s completely OK to take support from ones to fight a battle.\

Some lines from “CHHAPAAK” that hit us really hard are...

“Naak nahi hai, kaan nahi hai jhumke kaha latkaugi .”
“Unhone meri surat badli hai, mera mann nahi!”
“Kitna acha hota... agar acid bikta hi nahi ..milta hinahi toh...phikta bhi nahi..”
“Attack unhi ladkiyon pe hua jo yaa toh padhna chahti thi yaa badhna chahti thi.”

Rightly said by LAXMI AGARWAL:

"People always say that inner beauty and hard work is what is important but, in reality, few people go beyond one's physical features. More than a person's capability, talent, qualification and hard work, one focus on the looks of an individual."

"CHHAPAAK" surely do wonders on the big screen as because DEEPIKA PADUKONE comes through with a solid, powerful performance. It is not just putting the focus on the devastated or ruined skin but showing a mixture of pain, anger, resignation and lastly reached at some kind of resolution.
Not every actress can act the way Deepika Padukone played the role of an acid attack victim. She lived the character and won everyone’s heart. She delivers her career best in this quietly powerful drama. A brave story of a woman’s grit and indomitable spirit.

DEEPIKA PADUKONE delivered a solid realized performance and deserves all the appreciation for CHHAPAAK.

Yes, the movie has a bollywoodish appeal, but without those commercial aspects, movie makers cannot pull masses to the theaters.


It is the motivation you need not only for this weekend but your entire life.

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