Friday, June 16, 2017

Use of IF for creating conditional sentences

Important rule of "if" that is used in English Speaking

How to use IF in conditional sentences?
In English language, we can create a conditional sentences using "if".

 In English language, we can create a conditional sentences using "if".

Conditional sentences - Asking for personal things     

Would you mind if I have on your shirt.                       
Would you mind if I read your personal dairy.                        
Would you mind if I check your cell phone.     

Conditional sentences - Asking for not personal things                                

Do you mind if I get your notebook.                              
Do you mind if I play the music player.

Conditional sentences - Both Sentences in Future

If conditional sentence, If both sentences will come in future in Hindi, we will translate first sentence in present and next sentence in future.  
If I work hard I would be a good speaker.                                
If I get power I would set the world on fire.                            
If he comes here I would talk to him.                            
If I go to America I would meet with Mr. Donald Trump.                             
If you study hard, your English would improve.                                 
If I get enough sleep, I would feel better.        

Conditional sentences - For Universal truth, you will write both sentences in present.

If we keep ice under the sunlight, it melts.      
If we add 3 + 3, it makes 6.          
If he boils the water, it gets had.

Conditional sentences - Both sentence in Past      

If I had had many I would have bought a car. 
If my father had allowed me I would have been a doctor.   
If I had spoken English I would have gone to America.         

Conditional sentences - If I speak English I speak.          

If he creates problem he creates.          
If I went to club I went.    
If I abused I abused.          

If I will go there I will.

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