Use of IF for creating conditional sentences

Important rule of "if" that is used in English Speaking

How to use IF in conditional sentences?
In English language, we can create a conditional sentences using "if".

 In English language, we can create a conditional sentences using "if".

Conditional sentences - Asking for personal things     

Would you mind if I have on your shirt.                       
Would you mind if I read your personal dairy.                        
Would you mind if I check your cell phone.     

Conditional sentences - Asking for not personal things                                

Do you mind if I get your notebook.                              
Do you mind if I play the music player.

Conditional sentences - Both Sentences in Future

If conditional sentence, If both sentences will come in future in Hindi, we will translate first sentence in present and next sentence in future.  
If I work hard I would be a good speaker.                                
If I get power I would set the world on fire.                            
If he comes here I would talk to him.                            
If I go to America I would meet with Mr. Donald Trump.                             
If you study hard, your English would improve.                                 
If I get enough sleep, I would feel better.        

Conditional sentences - For Universal truth, you will write both sentences in present.

If we keep ice under the sunlight, it melts.      
If we add 3 + 3, it makes 6.          
If he boils the water, it gets had.

Conditional sentences - Both sentence in Past      

If I had had many I would have bought a car. 
If my father had allowed me I would have been a doctor.   
If I had spoken English I would have gone to America.         

Conditional sentences - If I speak English I speak.          

If he creates problem he creates.          
If I went to club I went.    
If I abused I abused.          

If I will go there I will.
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