Sixth Class - American English - will be

Rule of will be in American English Speaking Course

Rule of will be

1.      I/ You/ He/ She will be Action (ing).......
2.      I/ You/ He/ She won't be Action (ing).......
3.      Will I/ you/ he/ she be Action (ing)?
4.      "Wh" Question word + Will I/ you/ he/ she be Action (ing)?
5.      Won't I/ you/ he/ she Action (I-st)?

Rule of will be in American English Speaking Course

Example Sentences

Future Continuous Tense - Affirmative Sentences

I will be preparing tea.      
You will be going to institute.     
He will be watching movie together.     
It will be raining yesterday.
I will be going to Greater Kailash Market.        
You will be watching Bahubali 2.
She will be helping me.     
He will be seeing Red Fort.
You will be loafing here.   
They will be speaking bluntly.     
She will be coming late in office.
I will be working on computer.   
We will be boasting in the class.
They will be telling a lie. 

Future Continuous Tense - Negative Sentences

I won't be preparing tea.
You won't be going to institute.
He won't be watching movie together.
It won't be raining yesterday.     
I won't  be going to Greater Kailash Market.
You won't  be watching Bahubali 2.      
She won't  be helping me.
He won't  be seeing Red Fort.
You won't  be loafing here.          
They won't  be speaking bluntly.
She won't  be coming late in office.      
I won't  be working on computer.          
We won't  be boasting in the class.       
They won't  be telling a lie. 

Future Continuous Tense - Interrogative Sentences

Will I be going to aboard?
Will you be learning English?      
Will she be getting knowledge? 
Will you be instilling fear in him?           
Will he be setting her right?        
Will she be apologizing to me?   
Will you be going back on?          

Future Continuous Tense - "Wh" Questions

What will you be making in evening?    
Who will be weeping tomorrow?           
Who will be upsetting there?     
Where will you be stealing?        
Why will you be throwing ball?  
Why will she be undergoing this weather?      
When will it be raining?   
How will you be teaching your students?        
Which one will you be asking?    
Who will you be meeting?           
Whose book will you be buying?
What king of rules will you be giving to students?    
What time will you be praising Government to the skies.   
How often will she be arguing with Sonia?      
How far will he be studying whole heartedly?
How old pickle will you be liking?           
How long will he be staying in this hotel?        
How much water will you be taking?    
How many money will you be earning? 

Future Continuous Tense - Interrogative Negative Sentences

Won't I be preparing tea?
Won't you be going to institute?           
Won't he be watching movie together?           
Won't it be raining yesterday?   
Won't I be going to Greater Kailash Market.
Won't you be watching Bahubali 2?     
Won't she be helping me?           
Won't he be seeing Red Fort?
Won't you be loafing here?         
Won't they be speaking bluntly?
Won't she be coming late in office?      
Won't I be working on computer?         
Won't we be boasting in the class?       
Won't he be telling a lie?
Who won't be hanging around?
Who won't be going to institute?          
What won't she be saying?         
What won't he be teaching?       
What won't you be buying?        
Where won't you be staying?     
Where won't he be dancing?      
Why won't you be getting married?     
Why won't he be calling me up?
Why won't you be disturbing me?         
How won't you be counting on me?     
How won't the bank be calculating the money?        
Which one won't you be liking? 
Which product won't you be selecting?           
Whose work won't you be doing?         
Whom won't you be making friend?     
What kind of music Won't you listening?        
What time won't you be arriving at station?  
How many people won't  be speaking together?       
How long won't you be staying here?  
How often won't you be having tea?     
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