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American English Class - Had

Rule of Had in American English Speaking Course

Rule of Had

1.   I/ You/ He/ She had Action (III-rd)......
2.   I/ You/ He/ She hadn't Action (III-rd).......
3.   Had I/ you/ he/ she Action (III-rd)?
4.   "Wh" Question word + Had I/ you/ he/ she Action (III-rd)?
5.   Hadn't I/ you/ he/ she Action (III-rd)?
Rule of Had in American English Speaking Course

Example Sentences

Past Perfect Tense - Affirmative Sentences

I had walked.           
He had purchased book.              
She had applied this paste on her face.            
He had got annoyed.
They had listened this music.
We had introspected oneself.    
He had got success in his work.  
You had memorized something.
She had considered you a fool.  
You had expected to do this.      
He had done this work.    
You had gone astray.        
You had struck against the government.         
You had taken money to do this.           
You had taken bath today.          
He had spent money.        
You had gone.  

Past Perfect Tense - Negative Sentences

I hadn't walked.      
He hadn't purchased book.                     
She hadn't applied this paste on her face.                   
He hadn't got annoyed.
They hadn't listened this music.
We hadn't introspected oneself.
He hadn't got success in his work.         
You hadn't memorized something.       
She hadn't considered you a fool.         
You hadn't expected to do this. 
He hadn't done this work.
You hadn't gone astray.   
You hadn't struck against the government.    
You hadn't taken money to do this.      
You hadn't taken bath today.     
He hadn't spent money.   
You hadn't gone.    

Past Perfect Tense - Interrogative Sentences

Had I walked?         
Had you gone?       
Had he purchased book?             
Had she applied this paste on her face?                       
Had he got annoyed?
Had they listened this music?
Had we introspected oneself?    
Had he got success in his work? 
Had you memorized something?           
Had she considered you a fool? 
Had you expected to do this?     
Had he done this work?   
Had you gone astray?       
Had you struck against the government?        
Had you taken money to do this?          
Had you taken bath today?         
Had he spent money?       

Past Perfect Tense - "Wh" Questions

Who had listened this music?     
What had you introspected oneself?    
Why had he got success in his work?    
Why had you memorized something?  
Where had she thrashed?           
When had she considered you a fool?  
When had you expected to do this?     
How had he done this work?      
How had you gone astray?          
What time had you struck against the government?
How many money had you taken?        
How much milk had you taken? 
How long had you stayed here? 
How often had he spent money?           
How far had you gone?    

Past Perfect Tense - Interrogative Negative Sentences

Hadn't I walked?    
Hadn't you gone?  
Hadn't he purchased book?                    
Hadn't she applied this paste on her face?                  
Hadn't he got annoyed?
Hadn't they listened this music?
Hadn't we introspected oneself?           
Hadn't he got success in his work?        
Hadn't you memorized something?      
Hadn't she considered you a fool?        
Hadn't you expected to do this?
Hadn't he done this work?          
Hadn't you gone astray?  
Hadn't you struck against the government?   
Hadn't you taken money to do this?     
Hadn't you taken bath today?    
Hadn't he spent money?
Who hadn't listened this music?
What hadn't you introspected oneself?           
Why hadn't he got success in his work?           
Why hadn't you memorized something?         
Where hadn't she thrashed?      
When hadn't she considered you a fool?         
When hadn't you expected to do this?

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