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Second Class - American English - Did

Rule of did in American English Speaking Course

Rule of Did

1.      I/ You/ He/ She Action (II-nd).......
2.      I/ You/ He/ She din’t Action (I-st).......
3.      Did I/ you/ he/ she Action (I-st)?
4.      "Wh" Question word + did + I/ you Action (I-st)?
5.      Din't I/ you/ he/ she Action (I-st)?

Rule of did in American English Speaking Course

Example Sentences

Past Indefinite Tense - Affirmative Sentences

You bullied.
He bothered her.
You became shame.
She buttered the boss.
You hassled me.
The heaped the garbage. 
She took the milk.
He went to Red Fort.
She loved you.
You turned volume up.


Past Indefinite Tense - Negative Sentences

You din't bullied.
He din't bother her.
You din't become shame.
She din't butter the boss.
You din't hassle me.
They din't heap the garbage.      
She din't took the milk.
He din't go to Red Fort.
She din't love you.
You din't turn volume up.

Past Indefinite Tense - Interrogative Sentences

Did you bully?
Did he bother her?
Did you shame?
Did she butter the boss?
Did you hassle me?
Did they heap the garbage?        
Did she rennet the milk?
Did he loaf around?
Did she love you?
Did you turn volume up/down?

Past Indefinite Tense - "Wh" Questions

What did you buy the products from the market yesterday?         
Who did embarrass yesterday?  
Where did you stay?         
Why did you watch the movie yesterday?       
Why did she count on you?         
When did you buzz off from here?        
How did you offend here?           
Which one did you select?          
Whom did you want to see in office?   
What kind of food did you cook?           
How many boys did speak bluntly?       
How much cold drink did you have?     
How long did you love Priya?      
How often did she puff off you?
How far did he for form here?    
How old shirt did you have on?  
How many money did you get?  

Past Indefinite Tense - Interrogative Negative Sentences

Din't you bully?
Din't he bother her?
Din't you shame?
Din't she butter the boss?
Din't you hassle me?
Din't they heap the garbage?     
Din't she rennet the milk?
Din't he loaf around?
Din't she love you?
Din't you turn volume up/down?
What din't you buy the products from the market yesterday?         
Who din't embarrass yesterday?  
Where din't you stay?         
Why din't you watch the movie yesterday?       
Why din't she count on you?         
When din't you buzz off from here?        
How din't you offend here?           
Which one din't you select?          
Whom din't you want to see in office?   
What kind of food din't you cook?           
How many boys din't speak bluntly?       
How much cold drink din't you have?     
How long din't you love Priya?      
How often din't she puff off you?
How far din't he for form here?    
How old shirt din't you have on?  

How many money din't you get?  

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